Stephen J. Emmott (born 3 June ) is a Professor and Head of Computational Science at . “Population 10 Billion by Danny Dorling and Ten Billion by Stephen Emmott – review”. The Guardian. London. ^ Goodall, Chris (). 10 Billion aims to take a dramatic look at the challenges we face today, from Stephen Emmott is Head of Computational Science at Microsoft. Ten Billion by Stephen Emmott Sep 10, | Pages. Buy . production of TEN BILLION, performed by Stephen Emmott at London’s Royal Court Theatre.

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A billion contribution to rekindling a discussion on global population that has waxed and waned in the two centuries since Thomas Robert Malthus first brought the issue to public attention. The amount of food we produce is almost entirely dependent upon phosphate-based fertilizers. Finally, a world to all future climate scientists and authors who want to “get the word out. And that is why this book is terrific.

He seems instead to have employed a file found on the internet at http: In his eyes the world is hurtling towards disaster at ever-increasing speed. Not only are we destroying it for ourselves, but for all life on Earth.

10 Billion, by Stephen Emmott, review

Nov 23, Kristina rated it liked it. Its very visual approach, Emmot think, will work for those who are usually turned off by heavier reads of a topic that simply needs to be addressed. It’s pretty bloody terrifying and eye opening. Tha The premise of this book, horrible stuff is happening to the earth due to overpopulation, is sound.


Extremely brief, as the typography pads the book out considerably, but every page is worth reading.

Inpopulation reached 1 billion. Vienu vistu – l. Living people Bioinformaticians births. That said, the worst thing we can continue to do —globally—is have children at the current rate. No, he just asserts it. During just the past twelve years, almost 50 million hectares of land have been traded. You know there are powerful voices out there trying to discredit the movement entirely, claiming despite overwhelming evidence that the science is unclear. Like a golf ball for the wayward driver, he suspects that his message of doom is prone to getting hit into the long grass.

Book Review: 10 Billion by Stephen Emmott | LSE Review of Books

A significant amount of pages have only sentences on them, which also just felt like a cheap DRAMA trick. Yet demand for land for food is going to double — at least — byand triple — at least — by the end of this century.

Views Read Edit View history. Quotes from Ten Billion. And Barack Obama has committed to extending the importation of tar sands oil from Alberta in Canada to the US through the development of the ‘Keystone XL’ project — providing US consumers with close to one million smmott of oil per day from Canadian tar sands. It can be wolfed down in barely more than an hour. Food and water will see increased demand. Journal of the Royal Society Interface.


And thinking about what’s for dinner tonight.

10 Billion, by Stephen Emmott, review – Telegraph

The UK’s 27 th licensing round for the North Sea attracted its greatest ever level of interest, with applications — the largest number since offshore licensing began in The cataclysm is always to come, while the behaviour fuelling that apparently future fallout — outrageous consumption — is, for those of us doing the consuming, very present, and very fun.

I wanted him to come up with solutions to humanity’s problems, not to exhibit a troubling misanthropism and astonishingly careless use of data and basic science. Renewable being essentially summed up with “I don’t think this will work” and billipn much else to back it is grating.

I can imagine that a lot of readers would be put off continuing. I don’t drive a car.

Emmott, however, does not struggle to bridge this gap between cause and effect. And the design of the book is pleasing – just one or two horrific facts per page to increase their impact. Pages with just a handful of words, a few graphs, a few pictures and voila Download our Spring Fiction Sampler Now.