Toyota Prius Owners Manuals · Toyota Prius Toyota Prius C Owners Manuals · Toyota Prius PHV Owners Manuals · Toyota Prius. Owner manual for the Toyota Prius. Don’t let your dealership charge you a lease-return fee for a missing or damaged owner’s manual. This is an original. I have a Prius. I have the hard-copy owner’s manual, but am wondering if I can get a PDF version anywhere. I didn’t find anything in an.

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Page Checking and replacing tires The tires on your Toyota have built- in High tire pressure overinfla- Tread wear pirus tread wear indicators to oaner you tion — know when the tires need replace- ” Poor handling ment.

Use it for automatic repeat access to a desired track. Deleting all the speed tone 27p 27p 27p 2. When you delete the telephone while Displaying information of another Bluetooth phone is connected, Bluetooth phone you delete this message is displayed.

Toyota Prius

All season tires Even if the total load of occu- number of occupants increases, the All season tires are designed to pro Page Tire related term Meaning the combined weight of those installed regular production options weighing manuzl 2. Withoutabox Submit to Film Festivals.

Do not perform any of the following or open any components, such as changes without consulting your the steering wheel pad, steering Toyota dealer. D Use of a nylon brush or synthetic fiber cloth, etc. Page Fuses 90pb 90pb 90pb Instrument panel Engine compartment Luggage compartment 1. Touch the switch 1- 6 to highlight Type 1: This air conditioning features automatic fan speed and air flow control which auto- matically selects the most suitable fan speed and air flow to control the tempera- ture.


Toyota Prius Owners Manual: Toyota: : Books

Odometer and two trip meterss. Controls “Type 1 1. When another Bluetooth phone is trying to Displaying Bluetooth information connect, this screen is displayed. However, because of Toyota’s policy of. Touch the desired number to call. You can edit the speed tone. For other functions Maintenance, Cal- are adjusted. Never sit on the center seat because 22p the rear center seat belt cannot be fastened correctly when the rear left seat is folded down.

When you release your vehicle, delete all your data on the system. Park on a level spot soon as possible at your Toyota dealer. Push the switch down on the closed locked, especially front side. The radio and compact disc operations The warning symbol for the faulty system For details, see page Page ” Parts if level is low: Replace the mechanical key and cover with slide the lock knob. Editing the data You can edit the registered data.

On inclines or curves, due to the move- 25pa 24pe ment of fuel in ownsr tank, the low fuel level Lwner hybrid system Toyota hybrid system operating condition Toyota hybrid system combines a gaso- Basic operations are described below.

After closing the back door, properly after the above procedure, there try pulling it up to make sure it is secure- may be a problem in the system. Fan speed control switch 5.

Page 28p 28pa 28p To remove the luggage cover, lift it up. Avoid sudden starts or erratic In the following cases, as the front wheels driving maneuvers which would place might be locked by means of the parking excessive stress on the emergency If you are not sure whether the fuse has Windshield wipers and Rear window wiper and washer washer Twist the interval adjuster upward to increase the wiping time interval be- tween sweeps, and downward to de- crease it.


Initializing the security code You can initialize the settings. Page 2 Traffic program: The slip indicator light blinks in the follow- may not function correctly. Compact disc load button See page for details.

2008 Toyota Prius – Owner’s Manual (492 pages)

Page 27 12pa 12pa 12pa Gasoline power Electric and gasoline Storing electric power in use power in use During normal driving, the vehicle runs When driving at full throttle, additional When decreasing speed or applying the mainly on gasoline power. Page Cleaning the interior 3.

To dry them, drive vehicle cautiously osner lightly pressing the brake pedal with the park- ing brake applied. Push in each side of the glove box 3. When you touch After a few seconds, the previous mode a switch on the screen or on the bezel, display will appear. Type 1 and Type 2 Type 1 Type 3 Type Page Windshield wipers and Rear window wiper and washer washer Twist the interval adjuster upward to increase the wiping time interval be- tween sweeps, and downward to de- crease it.

Page If the turn owenr indicator lights green lights on the instrument panel flash faster than normal, a front or rear turn signal bulb is burned out.