Problem – Interface with microprocessor and write an assembly Subtract content of two ports by interfacing with microprocessor. The interfacing happens with the ports of the Microprocessor. The main IC’s which are to be interfaced with are: 1. PPI. 2. PIC. 3. USART. PPI: 82C55 The 82C55 is a popular interfacing component, that can interface any TTL-compatible I/O device to the microprocessor.

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A microprocessor can perform some operation on a data and give the output. Load control word OUT 83H: To display 1 to 8 numbers on the eight 7-segment digits we have to load 7-segment codes for 1 to 8 numbers in the corresponding display locations.

Programmable peripheral innterfacing were introduced by Intel to increase the overall performance of the system. The electric bulbs are controlled by relays. The three steps needed to write the software are: Thus the capability is very limited in this type of interfacing. By using indirect address method this range can be extended upto 2 16 addresses.


The interface also receives data bit by bit simultaneously from the external eith and converts the data into a single byte and transfers it to microprocessor.

Send control word Sample 2: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Send data on Port A to glow Y1 and Y2. Interfacing with As port A is used as an output port, control word for is 80H. A programmable device can be set up to perform specific function by writing a code in the internal register.

interfacing – Microprocessor Course

Only one digit is selected at a time by giving low signal on the corresponding control line. Stepper Motor Control Program: Send data on PB to glow G3 and G4.

Debugging a Program in The external clock frequency is 2MHz. For this purpose an address decoding circuit is intetfacing. Find display RAM command word.

Its not created and manipulated by a professional; But by a student like you. Call Delay of 0.


Load data to switch off LEDs. The traffic should be controlled in the following manner.

8255A – Programmable Peripheral Interface

In this type of interfacing we use latches and buffers for interfacing the keyboards and displays with the microprocessor. Interfacing 8 x 4 keyboard matrix in decoded scan keyboard mode.

Find program clock command word. The traffic light arrangement is as shown in Fig.

Microprocessors engineering – Interfacing the 8085 microprocessor

Newer Post Older Post Home. Posted by Dhanoop Bhaskar at 6: Load data to light LEDs. We know that a microprocessor is the CPU of a computer. But to perform the operation we need an input to enter the data and an output to display the results interfacinng the operation. Initialize in read.

Increment lookup table pointer.