A Spell of Winter is a gothic novel by Helen Dunmore, set in England, around the time of World War I. The novel was the first recipient of the Orange Prize. A Spell of Winter: A Novel [Helen Dunmore] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The inaugural winner of England’s prestigious Orange Prize, . “Not many novels grab the reader’s lapels with the opening sentence, but Helen Dunmore’s A Spell of Winter is surely one We plunge.

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At around this time I began to write the poems which formed my first poetry collection, The Apple Fall, and to publish these in magazines. An established and creatively realised plot and characters who seem to step forth from the page, it also z the best sex scene I’ve ever read in any book and I’ve read a lot of both books and sex scenes! A Spell of Winter falls somewhere in between. It takes off the pressure. It was something we lugged about, as heavy as a sack of rotting apples. We see events through the eyes o This haunting and evocative novel was the first Orange Prize Winner and set a high standard for future hopefuls.

In her latest novel, The Betrayal a sequel to ‘s The Siegeshe transports us to another port city, Leningrad, and sinks us deep into the oppressive heart of it. dunomre

Jun 29, anolinde rated it it was ok. Again, like a flood of icy o, I see her not staying by me, not watching my body grow tall alongside hers, not measuring my head as it comes to her shoulder, her chin, her eyes. But the book only floats along–surprisingly explicit in some aspects, it still leaves too many secrets to linger in implication; its tone is always cold, dreamy, disconnected, and its impact follows suit.

Because, none of these characters seem quite sane. I saw what she saw, felt what she felt. Like a person, the house demands energy and devotion from the inhabitants and, in return, it gives them the ability to live as if nothing has changed: Although quite disturbing at times I thoroughly enjoyed it and did not want the winted to end.


Loading comments… Trouble loading? The setting wijter idyllic, but the experience was, by all accounts, extremely trying: I wanted us to wake to a kingdom of ice where our breath would turn to icicles as it left our lips, and we would walk through tunnels of snow to the outhouses and find birds fallen dead from the air.

I hated the ending of this story. A house winetr as quickly as a body. It’s not milk and water.

BBC – Radio 4 – Woman’s Hour -A Spell of Winter by Helen Dunmore

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. The main narrator is Catherine but she is unreliable, vague and at times, totally removed from what has really taken place.

T he entire back wall of Helen Dunmore’s tiny studio-cum-office — eight floors up in a neat block of flats on Bristol’s northern slopes — heeln given over to a glass door, leading on sell a strip of balcony. I will read another of Dunmore’s novels. But, just as the narrator describes how a blanket of snow can protect, the characters find protection from the outside world under the cold crust that the old house forms around them.

Dunmore didn’t start out as a novelist.

Of all Helen Dunmore’s books, this is my very favourite. The novel was the first recipient of the Orange Prize for Fictionin I found it disturbing and pointless. I see Miss Gallagher’s hips moving in greedy speech and my brother hurling a hard-boiled egg like an arrow against death. She is abandoned many times during her life, but her resilient winfer, whether through necessity or tenacity, keeps her going. I am reviewing this after Goodreads recommend Helsn read it – just shows how spot on they are at assessing your reading tastes because I think you will see from this review, I loved this one.

Is that all that’s here? I know authors who say they can’t work unless they’re facing a spel, wall; they find the external world too distracting. This is a novel of forbidden love, family secrets and how Cathy gradually becomes a woman and learns to understand what drove wintr mother away.

Removed from the artificial construct of society, everything returns to the basics of sex and death.


Articles needing additional references from April All articles needing additional references All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from June All stub articles. Together, they’ve constructed a life of more-or-less blameless obscurity, but their peace is shattered when Gy is called on to treat the son of Volkov, a senior secret police operative.

Romantic turmoil, but every square inch done with a sharp exactness of eye, word, and detail that give it the pleasures of a Merchant and Ivory on the page.

I felt myself flush and sweat. This spelk a most enjoyable book, if not an especially deep one, a sort of Bronte meets Lawrence meets McEwan.

A life in writing: Helen Dunmore

Children are a completely different audience, and I enjoy that. All these different disciplines — fiction, poetry, short stories she’s published four collections to datechildren’s novels — do they come from the same place? Sign up here to receive your FREE alerts. The characters have unnatural attachments and feelings, it was an interesting read. I wanted to write a novel where people would feel an engagement with the subject — not that this was something strange and far off, which could only ever have happened in another country.

My father was the eldest of twelve, and this extended family has no doubt had a strong influence on my life, as have my own children. Andrei, a paediatrician, lives with his teacher-wife Anna Dunmore herself trained as a teacher and Anna’s younger brother, Kolya — the five-year-old of The Siegenow a bumptious teenager. Dunmore won it, Penguin immediately offered her a two-book deal, and after that the fiction, which had taken so long to surface, poured forth — a novel annually for the next four years.

I began to think I could be a poet in the public world. This book almost got five stars from me. Retrieved from ” https: The house is really Cathy’s mother: I know this is a novel and this is a poem, or a short story.