Results 1 – 48 of Free Shipping on many items across the worlds largest range of Repair Manuals & Literature for Acura TSX. Find the perfect Christmas gift. Free PDF Downloads for all Engine sizes and models for Acura TSX. Acura TSX Service Repair Manual. Free Download and View Online PDF. This Manual Offers you Explicit Service and repair data for your Acura.

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Removing The Visor 6. If resistance is less than one ohm, fault exists in right front impact sensor or SRS unit. Do not tap on mabual steering wheel or steering column shaft when installing the steering wheel. Buying Format see all. DTC consists of a main code and a sub-code. Loosen the flare nut Aand disconnect the feed line B. To deploy side air bag, disconnect side air bag connector from SRS floor maunal.

Why buy a factory manual? If DTC is not indicated, replace right seat belt pretensioner. Remove roof console map light lenses, mounting bolts, disconnect harness connectors and remove roof console. Using the wire insulation janual a guide for the contoured tip of the backprobe adapter, gently slide the tip into the connector from the wire side until it touches the ,anual of the wire terminal.

If DTC or is not indicated, replace driver-side air bag.

Acura TSX Workshop & Owners Manual | Free Download

Disconnect left seat belt pretensioner connector from SRS left floor harness. Where is the one I can buy? Install the NEW pump seal A with its grooved side facing in into the pump housing B by hand first, then drive it mmanual using the special tools with until there is no step at the top of the pump seal, and the seal is fully tepair in the pump housing.


Remove upper and lower steering column covers.

Remove mounting bolts and side curtain air bag module. Raise the front of vehicle, and support it with safety stands in the proper locations.

Connect voltmeter between ground and instrument cluster connector A, terminal No. Turn ignition off and disconnect HDS. Tex the combination switch assembly from the steering column shaft by removing the screws B.

Written for dealership mechanics, this wiring diagram shows you how to follow the wiring from bumper-to-bumper. It will only accept a new program. Tighten side impact sensor mounting screws to specification.

Access and disconnect left side curtain air bag module connector from side curtain air bag subharness. If DTC is not indicated, replace left side curtain air bag module.

Remove the O-ring Cand discard it. Insert the ignition key, and check for proper operation of the steering wheel lock and that the ignition key turns freely.

Insert the roll pin E ysx the slots between tssx cam ring and outer case, then push the roll pin into the set hole Tex. Be careful not to damage the face of the seal with the threads and burrs at the staked position of the cylinder housing. Replace appropriate wire harness. Go to step 3. Coat the piston seal ring A and the inside of the special tool with power steering fluid, then carefully slide the tool onto the rack and over the piston seal ring.


If voltage is less than 0. Remove front and rear door weatherstrip. Low mileage so it wont need much for a while.

Service & Repair Manuals for Acura TSX for sale | eBay

Avoid turning ignition on and connecting battery. Check the steering column ball bearing A and the steering joint bearings B for play and proper movement. Tighten side curtain air bag module mounting bolts to specification. Power Mirror Actuator Test Table 4.

If a malfunction occurs, the VTC system control is disabled and the valve timing is fixed at the fully retarded position.

Acura TSX Workshop Manual PDF

After installation, compress the seal rings with your fingers temporarily. Disconnect electrical connectors and remove instrument cluster. Do not keep the pressure control valve closed more than 5 seconds or the pump could be damaged by over-heating. If DTC or B is indicated, go to next step. Installing The Outer Case If connection is okay, replace dashboard wire harness.

If connection is okay, axura SRS unit. Make sure the wire harness is routed and fastened properly. Remove acur, disconnect front power socket connector and remove center lower pocket.

Manula battery and turn ignition on. Remove the front suspension subframe left mid and mount A. Set the 11 vanes C in the grooves in the rotor. Options Quote message in reply? Disconnect right seat belt pretensioner connector from SRS right side floor harness. Install the front suspension subframe left mid mount A.