Im newbie. I buy AD as like at the picture. Im try to connect AD to my UNO: ***. Using digital pins 8 through 11, proto shield installed. 1 Using the Analog Devices AD DDS with an Arduino board; 2 Initialising and Resetting the AD; 3 Setting the output frequency. I have paired may AD with an Arduino Uno, LCD display, Rotary encoder, and a few other small parts and have put together a very descent DDS VFO.

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Very possible to drive 2 AD boards. Hi, very much appreciate your design. Someone else atduino similar issues and had to modify the code and the ISR interrupts to get it to work. Read through this BLOG. Is it possible to memorize them and so when the re-entry returns the previously entered data?? Thanks in advance F. VFO in-a-box – Dhakajack. What you need to do to rotary work on the Arduino Mega? The schematic shows D7 on the dds to D10 on the Nano.

The arduino platform is simple and learning is part of the fun.

AD9850 Arduino

The bit word is comprised of bits of phase and arduinp information and a further 8-bit, 3-bits that set specific operating and factory test modes of the DDS – it is these 3-bits that cause problems when trying to use AD code with the AD and 5-bits of phase information.

This sounds to be very useful for my project.


Video coming soon I hope. Direct input it absolutely possible. I run Arduino IDE 1. So adjust the trim numbers so that 7. I have now got a MCP working with the arduino on its own and raduino an nice sine wave on the scope.

Hello, a few weaks ago i found a new Arduino shield.

Any arduinl on this? Thanks for the project as it work like a champ. I tried to adapt the script, but it does not work. No matter… just us the Arduino 5V pin.

Arduino tehNiq: Signal generator with AD and Arduino

My schematic is a little rough as I do not tend to create them that often so let me know if you catch anything out-of-place! My current one is a VFD which is very visible.

Arduuno are an inexpensive chip. Drag this Rotary folder to the following location: Ive been trying and I get no errors, however it never completes compiling, the progress bar goes about a third of the way and just stops.

My AD module arrived today and after resolving my ad985 shoddy breadboard wired prototype it appears to be working perfectly. Arudino am building up a vfo for the W8DIZ Multipig transceiver and will need multiple offsets since it is a single conversion transceiver and works on the 10 ham bands … I know that you have accounted for offsets but wonder if you ad9580 thought about handling multiple offsets like this… Is your code adaptable to this need.

The IF can be anything you wish and can be additive or subtractive. One of my next mods will be agduino use an I2C display to release the digital pins for other uses. I am having a problem compiling the code.


The RX range is surprisingly wide and using a precision diode detector in leau of the useless stock detector makes this rigs receiver really nice. I have constructed the uno version and have it working just fine. Does it use a 16 MHz crystal?

It sounds to me like you do not have the sketch and the rotary library files loaded correctly. Hope you can help me.

I am working with a registerd version of eagle. Fixed problem, and now to box it. Any idea of what Aarduino can do?

Hi Rich, I want add 0. You probably would need to run an Ardunino Mega to use two boards. Wawa Shannon Member Posts: So i will try it again: Use the code for the IF version. I am using simulink block in Matlab Ra for analog read from arduino. However, I would probably want to use an Arduino Mega as they have more digital and analog pins easily allowing for the extra AD Hi Rich, I hate to appear a total idiot — but I am at a loss! I saw you site and found it interesting.

Mesuaring give best results fundamental frequency at 7, MHz and all harmonic frequencies uner 50dB lower signal.