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Identify, accept, and mitigate risk Prioritize resources Delegate authority Decisionmaking requires knowing if, when, and what to decide and understanding the consequences of any decision. Commanders do not determine how to accomplish a mission based on conserving resources; they allocate resources efficiently to ensure effectiveness.

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Responsibility—the obligation to carry forward an assigned task to a successful conclusion. Commanders use the mission command warfighting function to help achieve objectives and accomplish missions. Communication More than the simple transmission of information Links information to decisions and decisions to action Feedback helps compare actual situation to a visualization Effective communication: Commanders understand that some decisions must be made quickly at the point of action.

Also listed below are the significant deletions from previous doctrine. Consideration of risk begins during planning, as commanders and staffs complete a risk assessment for each course of action and propose control measures.

Examples of procedural control include orders, regulations, policies, and doctrine. Share buttons are a little bit lower. Changes reflect lessons learned over the past 10 years of sustained land combat. Civil affairs operations are usually conducted by civil affairs forces due to the complexities and demands for specialized capabilities. The objective—to accomplish the mission—guides every element of operations.


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Knowledge transfer occurs both formally—through established processes and procedures—and informally—through collaboration and dialogue. Command and Control of Army Forces.

Upon completion of the initial order, planning continues as leaders revise the plan based on changing circumstances. The C2 system is the arrangement of personnel, information management, procedures, and equipment addrp facilitates essential for the commander to conduct operations FM Information Communication Structure Degree of Control Aided by staffs, commanders exercise control over assigned forces in their area of operations.

Therefore, commanders base their mission adep system on human skills, knowledge, and abilities more than on equipment and procedures. Instead, it provides purpose and direction to the other warfighting functions. Sustaining the force involves equipping it with materiel for individuals and unitsmaintaining Soldier readiness, and sustaining readiness for unified land operations. Additionally, staffs integrate and synchronize cyber electromagnetic activities adr; all command echelons and warfighting functions.

Resources include adr;, units, services, supplies, equipment, networks, information, and time. Together the mission command philosophy and the warfighting function guide, integrate, and synchronize Army forces throughout the conduct of unified land operations. Uniting all the diverse capabilities necessary to achieve success in operations requires collaborative and cooperative efforts that focus those capabilities toward a common goal.

The activities of the operations process planning, preparation, execution, and assessment are not discrete; they overlap and recur as circumstances demand. When given sufficient latitude, they can accomplish assigned tasks in a manner that fits the situation.


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Field manual FM — a DA publication that describes the tactics and procedures for a specific subject area. Successful Full Spectrum Operations Mission Command The exercise of authority and direction by commanders, supported by their staffs, using the art of command and the science of control to integrate warfighting functions in the conduct of full spectrum operations.

The Functional Concept embraced seven tenets of mission command. Where military forces typically demand unity of command, a challenge for building teams with unified action partners is to forge unity of effort. Provides commanders and staff with the techniques and procedures for the exercise of mission command. Commanders use military deception to confuse an adversary, to deter hostile actions, and to increase the potential of successful friendly actions.

They use their judgment to assess information, situations, or circumstances shrewdly and to draw feasible conclusions. The electronic warfare working group or similar staff organization coordinates cyber electromagnetic activities.

They determine how to manage identified risks. This understanding helps commanders zdrp staffs develop effective plans, assess operations and make quality decisions. Knowledge Management CH 4: Commanders are legally responsible for their decisions and for the actions, accomplishments, and failures of their subordinates.