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Supersedes AFI , 1 July Pages: Distribution: F. This instruction explains how to compute service dates and dates of rank and. AFI , Reserve of the Air Force Officer Promotions (formerly AFR AFI , Service Dates and Dates of Rank (formerly AFR ). Force Instruction (AFI) , Air Force Privacy Act Program, . Advises students and explains changes to AFI , Service Dates and.

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This change is to table 4.

Selects all airmen with a tie score at the cutoff for their AFSC. Appoints promotion board consisting of officers and chief master 362604. Nonrecommend A1Cs and below in monthly increments up to 6 months at a time Table 1. Airmen are identified during the processing month and SrA BTZ promotion selections are made during the months indicated in Table 2.

Forwards the select list to the MPFs. Commanders can request waiver of PES code Q for TSgts meeting all requirements for upgrade to the 7-skill level, but are awaiting attendance to 7-level school. Instructs affi to make a written promotion recommendation upon completion of data verification.

Minimum Eligibility Requirements For Promotion see note 1. Uses the promotion master file to rank airmen in order of merit within AFSC or CEM code using the combined evaluation board score to points and the weighted factor score points maximum. Requests 36-26604 reinstatement should not be approved solely because commanders reverse decisions that originally rendered the airmen ineligible.

The effective date cited in the order is the date the airman died. These dates reflect the normal promotion cycle increment months; however, due to budget constraints or other unforeseen actions, these dates may be extended. Also, a DBH report is not required for airmen who successfully appeal a report and had it removed; however, if the commander recommends the airman for SrA BTZ, then the commander may direct a report.


The wing commander has final approval or disapproval authority. Members must complete the required number of satisfactory years for retirement as of their last retention or retirement date. Approves evaluation board results. Reflective Essay 4 – Samuel Morse Productions. Sends the list to unit commanders before each unit training assembly UTA the month preceding the month the promotion is to be effective.

This does not apply to individuals eligible to retire in a commissioned or warrant officer status: Advise airmen not to assume the grade when data verification discovers missing or erroneous data. PES code F see notes 2, 4, and 5.

ARPC monitors monthly the authorized strength in a zfi grade projected to exceed the allowed number. Withholding action is taken after promotion selection but before the effective date of promotion.

Ensures each eligible airman is tested. The AFPC commander deputy director in the commander’s absence determines promotion for these airmen. Commanders of small units units with 6 or less eligibles and the central base board CBB process: An Amn is eligible for promotion to A1C at 10 months see Table 1.

DOR is the date of original increment and effective date is date of reinstatement approval. A member who is promoted to TSgt and who has a high year tenure HYT date may voluntarily elect to serve a maximum of 6 months time-in-grade. If extraordinary circumstances exist and the recommending official provides specific justification, the promotion authority may waive the day requirement.


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Announces eligibility cutoff and board convening dates annually. The Paperwork Reduction Act of as amended in affects this instruction. Promoting Airmen in Missing Status. Commanders may conduct ceremonies on the last duty day before the promotion effective date and inform the member that ceremonies do not affect pay, seniority, or entitlements.

The board president will review the record of any airman a panel determines as NFQ. An airman who fails to report for scheduled testing without a valid reason may become ineligible for promotion during the cycle Table 1. Award 2 pts for each year of TAFMS up to 20 years, as of the last day of the last month of the promotion cycle.

Distributes computer generated DVRs to eligible airmen so they can review the data used in the promotion selection process. Must be blocked for promotion under the unit vacancy promotion program.

AFI 36-2502

Suspend existing promotion programs and accelerate existing promotion increments to meet emergency wartime grade requirements. Wing or 36-2640 level commanders may approve deferring promotion beyond 3 months. To be eligible for promotion consideration, an airman must: Includes the statement listed in paragraph 4.