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He thus understands contemporary Western culture as a ‘field of tensions’ in which two opposing forces clash–one that institutes and imposes, the other that deactivates and deposes.

Sign In or Create an Account. Debates over the extraterritorial extension of the constitution, plenary power, and war powers are typically more concerned with the relative competence of branches of government to regulate noncitizens than with the expansion of rights. In the technical sense, ‘force-of-law’ refers not to the law itself, but to decrees that have, as the expression goes, ‘force-of-law’–decrees that executive power can be authorized to give, and most notably in the state of exception.

Rewriting the history of the state of exception.

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This involved the declaration of a tumultus or a state of emergency whose consequence was the proclamation of the iustitium. Indeed, whatever the proper genealogy of the state of exception, and whatever modern implications we are fi to draw, Agamben’s aganben historical examples are thoroughly conventional. Whatever the response to Agamben’s announcement in Europe where philosophers are considered important public figuresin the United States where they are less veneratedhis statement was greeted with a certain degree of incredulity.

Quite simply, Agamben aligns the senatus consultum with subsequent exercises of emergency powers because he does not find in the dictatorship the qualities of simultaneity and contradiction that he wants to bring to the foreground. The state of exception is one of those zones.

In truth, the early Roman dictatorship is just as apt a model for modern states of emergency as the senatus consultum. Stato di eccezione is Agamben’s most sustained blueprint of this politics-to-come, a document that charts an ethical and conceptual path beyond the state of exception by providing tools to break into and move through it.


Agamben could have advanced a thicker sense of preservation and formalism beyond the point at which the imagination of constitutionalists might sometimes fail.

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Crisis Government in the Modern Democraciesmust recognize the mutual implication of the emergency state and absolutist government, noting that ‘the constitutional use of emergency powers is becoming the rule and not the exception.

The program went into effect January 5, In the state of exception, the ‘force-of-law’ can exist without law. Giorgio Agamben, State of Exception Stato di eccezione. But precisely because this decision concerns a nullification of the norm, and consequently, because the state of emergency represents the control of a space that is neither external nor internal, ‘the sovereign remains exterior to the normally valid legal order, and nevertheless belongs to it.

While innumerable debates and insights may be drawn from this slim volume, 8 I will limit this review to three areas: Agamben repeats this claim often but never as a positive case for the expansion of rights or for the formal delimitation of emergency measures.

Not surprisingly, the argument does little to change our understanding of the subsequent history of emergency powers. Following article six of the French constitution ofhe finds the term ‘force-of-law’ to designate the indestructible character of the statl supreme value of acts expressed by an assembly representative of the people which the sovereign can neither abrogate nor modify.

Constitutionalists have failed to reach any consensus on these issues, but that is not the same as remaining silent. What was so dangerous eccezzione the Nazi regime is that it allowed the Weimar constitution to remain valid, while doubling it with a secondary and legally non-formalized structure that could only exist alongside the first by virtue of a generalized state of emergency. Free Trade in the Bermuda Triangle Receive exclusive offers and updates from Oxford Academic.

The Constitution of Freedom. The refugees, pawns in the hands of time and politics, then find themselves permanent residents of these spaces of exception.

Pressdescribes three forms of states of emergency: The Purse and the Sword. The powers enjoyed by the magistrates under the iustitium resulted not from the conferment of a dictatorial imperium but from the suspension of laws that limited their actions.


Agamben argues that the state of emergency is the means invented by Schmitt to respond to this postulation of a pure violence.

Far from deciding on the state of exception and thereby including it in the legal orderthe sovereign in the German tragic drama aims to avoid such emergency measures to keep them separate from the legal order: There is a radical separation between potential and act as well as a mystical element or edcezione that seeks to eliminate this disconnection. According to classicist Karl Meuli, anomic festivals such as the Roman saturnalia, the charivari, and the medieval carnival display a connection with the situations of suspended law eccesione characterize certain archaic penal institutions.

They thus reveal the anomic drive that lies at the very heart of the nomos. Roosevelt to declare a national emergency six hours after assuming power in –all of these attest the inextricable link between the state of exception and the normal functioning of the bourgeois democratic state.

Agamben has long argued, in a formulation best distilled in his book Homo Sacer: Less than a week later, Agamben announced the cancellation of his visit in an op-ed, Non au tatouage biopolitique [ Say No to Biopolitical Tattooing ], L e M ondeJan.

In the iustitium, by contrast, there was no agsmben of a new magistrate. Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford.

Stato di eccezione : Giorgio Agamben :

Close mobile search navigation Article navigation. For one reason or another, the existence of such spaces devoid of law seems so essential to the legal order that the latter must make every possible effort to assure a relation to the former, as if the law in order to guarantee its functioning must necessarily entertain a relation to anomy. A H istorical and L egal S tudy ] F. Stato di eccezione is Agamben’s latest offering, an extension and deepening of Homo sacer –of which it announces itself as Volume II, Part 1.

It is true that constitutional theorists are generally pragmatic commentators on institutional design.