Stipovi su prilagodjeni za udobno i lako citanje preko video snimka. | See more ideas about Alan ford.

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By using this site, sttripovi agree to the Terms stripovj Use and Privacy Policy. Jeremiah is an aging member of the TNT. This edition is still a popular collectors’ item. Bob has a poetic side: Brixy died inmarking in many ways the end of an era for Alan Ford in Yugoslavia. The comic book has been adapted to animated film and theater plays, as well as used as a source of inspiration in books and movies.

Alan Ford (comics) – Wikipedia

All Soft Hard On sale: He is bald and nearly toothless, and he usually sleeps around in the flower shop with The Boss. T at low cost”. His love interests turn out to either etripovi his gullible personality for their own agendas, genuinely love him but are criminals who end up imprisoned or on the run, or simply dislike his aoan of success and lack of money. Group TNT is an assembly of misfit secret agents, who operate from a flower shop in New York CityUnited States, which they use as a front for their secret headquarters.

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Archived from the original on His best friend is Jeremiah, but almost constantly bickers with him. When you select the search parameters, click Search.

He grew up in an orphanage and was evicted from a slum due to neglecting bills at the start of the series, and he joined TNT on accident. Number One real name unknown is the leader of the TNT.


Alan Ford (comics)

Running gag with Alan is his confusion, naive personality, and in particular, his bad luck with women: He wears old ruptured pants, a bowler hat, a coat and a cardigan stripped shirt.

All Old Current Type: He also runs a flower shop, which, in contrast to the New York sripovi, is much larger and successful than its counterpart.

He is usually on guard duty and never on active missions due to his age, but sometimes proves crucial to missions.

Controls Edition, Hero and Tord have autocomplete, which is turned on after you typed the third letter, you will get all items that contain the typed letters. SFRJ industrija video igara in Serbian https: Views Read Edit View history. Another running gag is his ability to sleep through most extreme situations without waking up. He is an avid kleptomaniac: Another running gag is his very short and nasty temper: List of all comic archives Controls Edition, Hero and Author have autocomplete, which is turned on after you typed the third letter, you will get all items that contain the typed letters.

After Bob, he is the most vocal about his salary, but is constantly rebuffed by Number One.

He is wheelchair-bound, has a long beard and a bald scalp. He usually sleeps in the back of the flower shop, but occasionally joins the other TNT members on large-scale missions.

If you first select the publisher, in control Edition will appear only editions that belong to that publisher. This is our country and who doesn’t think atripovi way will Running gag is that, whenever he steals a large number of goods, he phones his never-seen friend Bing to sell him the goods and asks about Bing’s brother, who is always in some kind of trouble. Currently the comic book is drawn by Dario Perucca who also draws alxn with inks by Omar Pistolato.


The reputation of Alan Ford grew with subsequent issues. The play was performed in Croatian, as used by Brixy. He usually dresses in a black long-sleeved shirt with black shoes and dark pants. For example, in issue 16, “Don’t vote for Notax”, a line making fun of American racismreading “Firstly, I promise that we will get rid of the Blacks.

He is very loyal and devoted to Number One and never is on his odds. Pellicus is a pelican owned by Number One. Running gag in the series is his incompetence: Running gag is his looks: The comic book ridicules aspects of American society, sripovi capitalism and racism.

According to Max Stripoci, he wanted to create a comic book which did not fall into either of the then predefined categories of adventures and dark comics, like Satanik or Kriminal both by Bunker and Raviolaor traditionally funny comics, like Mickey Mouse. All Black-white Color Cover: This page was last edited on 26 Decemberat This article is about the comic book. He is rather tall, with blonde hair and blue eyes.

Despite this, Bob refuses to follow the criminal career path and frequently berates his brothers for it, despite them being clearly more successful than Bob.