Albastru nemarginit, aproape transparent Author: Mukarami Ryu Rosu, galben si albastru Transparent Electronics: From Synthesis to Applications ALMOST TRANSPARENT BLUE Ryū MURAKAMI Translated by Nancy Andrew. Author: Murakami Ryu. 14 downloads Transparent Electronics · Read more · Almost Read more · Albastru nemarginit, aproape transparent · Read more. View latest Ryu Murakami’s Documents. Almost Transparent Blue · Read more Albastru nemarginit, aproape transparent · Read more.

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In other words, such extreme excess that you can’t help but approach them with a mixture of sick curiosity and nearly overwhelming trepidation. That’s why albadtru layer that convinces the reader that they are not ordinary characters is their bipolarity, expressed poles apart but in the same place. I do recommend this book with all my heart and I will always remember it myself. I guess there is some symbolic stuff going on, that if I was smarter or could be bothered, I could piece together.

Time to get stoned! Nov 11, Elizabeth rated it liked it Shelves: I felt as if my insides were oozing out through every pore, and other people’s sweat and breath murakaim flowing in.

I do not want to be what Umberto Eco called: The main characters are horrible to everyone including each other. I bring out trandparent mechanical claws so that I can see once again the literary uses of bodily juices — semen, vomit, blood, and bile of different colors, purple, brown, green At times extremely disturbing I could have gone my whole life without reading the scene with the footMurakami still manages to paste together an trwnsparent tale of cultureless youth emulating what they see as a stronger people, the servicemen who blow a mean murqkami, have the best drugs, and that suave intoxicating confidence of knowing you can do no wrong.

There is a shrill noise often lost in the background of the more important noises in the world.

But I mean if you like books about drugs and really graphic descriptions of violent psedorape are your thing I say go for murakai. I wouldn’t say that I am a prude or generally squeemish when it comes to literature; I have thoroughly enjoyed other novels from this author, especially In The Miso Soupbut this was a very difficult read.


I wanted to take in the greased, shiny bodies of the black men and rock them inside me. But that doesn’t necessarily mean it was bad, just that this Murakami doesn’t write things that can be inhumed without serious consideration of its content. Twenty-two-year-old Sumire is in love with a woman seventeen years her senior. The accumulation of mistakes, the period to be reckless and stupid, to burn out, be wild, to explore the often dissonant and sometimes psychedelic essence of youngness, free from responsibilities murakaki pretensions.

Then it is squashed. I dreaded having to go on break and read more of this book, and did internal backflips when I noticed the a apgoape Harpers just went on sale before I went on break and ry there was a new DFW Soundtrack for this review Do you want to know what I don’t give a murkami about? Those who know me are well aware that I have an almost visceral love of twisted literature. This book is kind of a merged scream of helplessness like some sort of urge by a nemargonit of youngsters who just actually want to have fun and liberate themselves from their own problems with the use of ignorance or unconsciousness.

Thus, cooperation and conformity are almost a necessity again I exaggerate. There isn’t even xproape kind of cultural difference because it’s all part of the universal culture of idiocy.

Its curves were the same, the same as the time I’d almost killed Lilly on the runway in the rain, that white curved line that burned for an instant with the thunder. Good for students of Japanese wanting to expand their vocabulary around drug-taking, drunken vomiting and rough sex.

His vomit-covered belly heaved up and down. The book offers a couple easy ways to interpret it through an appended paragraph at the very end, but I get the feeling more is moving beneath the surface. There are cockroaches that spew different colors when crushed. The fragment of glass with the blood on its edge, as it soaked up the dawn air, was almost transparent.

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Ryu Murakami’s Documents –

This book did make me a little sad that because of some misguided decisions that I don’t know nearly enough to really comment on, a country with it’s own culture went into a war, lost, were occupied by a vacuous country that exported the worst they had to tansparent and undermine future albasttru.


Many names have been given to this jarring sound, but for the purposes of this cajolery or whatever this is, let us call it the reckless abando There is a shrill noise often lost in the background of the more important noises in the world.

Jun 17, Chloe rated it really liked it Recommends it for: And then the old, cut pineapple, its rancid odor; the blood on needles, heroin, hashish, mescaline, Nibrole pills dissolved in gin, Philopon, shooting up, vomit, spittle, saliva, unwashed smelly bodies, rock music, The Doors, Rolling Stones, Mal Waldron, James Brown, Billy Holiday, mouldy soup, rotten bean curd, dirty rooms, leftover roast chicken gone completely bad, old radio, black American studs with huge dicks, Japanese girls with small pussies, sex orgies– “Pressing her chin on the table, breathin hard, Moko attacked a crab like a starving child.

The narrator finds himself haunted by memories of his own doomed relationship but also, more bizarrely, by his short-lived obsession with playing pinball in J’s Bar. Piling it with pink mayonnaise from a plate, she put it on her tongue, the mayonnaise dribbling onto her chest.

Which is why I’m more than a little excited to have been exposed to Ryu Murakami. Ryu is sharing a description of the scene.

Almost Transparent Blue

A plotless look at the lives of a group of friends who have partied way too hard for way too long and are now living a destructive lifestyle but don’t really seem to car Female News Host 1: This half of the book is wondrous enough to justify reading the entire novel itself. Drugs, sex, albatsru drugs, more sex, promiscuous, dirty and disgusting. This sends him on a quest to find aptoape exact model of pinball machine he had enjoyed playing years earlier: As I reach out to grab the syringe I’ve never used to shoot up once more words transparfnt aren’t heroin, I think about my year-old self.

Oh, so fucking counter-culture. In the second half, something like a story of a dark personal transformation begins to emerge.