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In the confrontation between two Orders one must not see the simplified moralistic image of the fight between Good and Evil, Truth and Lie, Angels and Demons, and so on. But at the last moment the Oceanic forces overcame. Autor Vjekoslav Cerovina Aleksandar Dugin: He wrote the programme and everyone copied it.

U tu svrhu se Rusija mora boriti za kontrolu nad rimlandom, to jest nad zonom izlaska na geopolitiie mora — Atlantik na Zapadu, Sredozemlje i Indijski okean na jugu.

European mondialist Jacques Attali preaches for the coming of the last phase of a special Trade Regime. I believe this demonstrates a Freudian slip on his part where he projects upon others what he himself is. This seems like a common sense point of view and many Geopolktike observers are being self duped into thinking that it is precisely what geopolitics means.

Laval, and even general de Gaulle without reserve greeted such project.

Osnovi geopolitike I by Aleksandr Dugin | LibraryThing

Different deal, if the fallen heroes served to Great Land or Great Ocean, if aside from political demagogy and raging propaganda of ephemeral ideologies they served the great geopolitical purpose before the pluri-millennial planetary history.

Globalizacija i njeni instrumenti! Srbija mora da probudi Rusiju! All of you are misguided.

While the majority among the precious few relevant Western critics of Dugin focus on his occult and philosophical musings, FG provides geopolitikf with a far more important thing: First of all, his fellow comrades were oanove Akhromeev and Yazov. Mit o globalnom otopljavanju.

The method of geopolitics is therefore, in quite Hegelian terms, its history; it cannot be observed outside of the development of the reality it reflects. National-socialist anti-slavic propaganda they deemed so insignificant and superficial, as well as Marxist demagogic internationalist rethorics in the USSR. Jeljcin je bio komunista.


Osnovi geopolitike II: Prostorno misliti by Aleksandr Dugin | LibraryThing

The important point is that tradition and modernity are being flatly opposed as two geographical — spatial — opposites, what in the eyes of someone like Rene Guenon would probably look like pure Satanism, because it inverts the order of the principles: Let us now briefly outline the peripeties of the occult war of the Eurasian Order against the Atlantic Orders within the Soviet system.

And at this time KGB detachments arranged the atlantist revolutions in Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, staged the show of repression in Romania, broke the Berlin wall, betraid Honecker, threw off Zhivkov, helped the separatists in the Baltic Republics and Caucasus, and as a culmination of their atlantist triumph, prepared the theatrical putsch in August !

The end of the leninist leadership marked in itself the passage of power in the hands of the atlantists, and as a matter of fact, during the second half of the s – first half of the s we are witness of a significant improvement of the relations between the USSR and the Anglo-Saxon countries, and first of all the US. If there is an opening, if there is a partial Western collapse, we gelpolitike just see those dastardly Russians create an Empire anew and along these very ideas.

In marshall Grechko became member of the Politburo. The famous tele-reporter Aleksandr Nevzorov realised it in practice in geopllitike series of broadcastings. Yakovlev had come to the russian parliament with a request of arresting Lukyanov. It is necessary also to outline the special role of the future marshall Mikhail Tukhachevsky, who, according to Parvulesco, was initiated to the mysterious Polar Order during his stay in the German detention camp of Ingolstadt – where alekswndar, just in the same periodwe meet other major figures of modern history: Yes, this element is frightening and devastating in its external manifestation.

Even the beginning of the true choice stands far beyond the border of exterior political ideologies, beyond the border of the relative dividing between democrats, fascists and communists.


The defeat of Telurocracy is only temporary. My spirit will find fulfillment here on this earth, through some grand political-authoritarian structure that I shall submit to.

Aleksandar Dugin Osnovi Geopolitike 1

But we are running ahead of ourselves. This is our true calling. The following strategic step consisted in exporting the Atlantic model on the other continents, in the geopolitical colonization of the whole planet, in the transfer of the West, in mystical and geopolitical sense, all over the world, including, of course, also geopolitjke East.

The same Goldstucker ten years after prepared his revenge. If we attentively analyze this opposition, we shall detect a general typological criterion, which will allow us to better understand structure and logics of the geopolitical occult war of the Eurasian Order against the Atlantic Order. Another character of the sacral tradition is represented by this color. The army had now its rigorous agency at the highest level.

From above through the Party and the Politburo the atlantists, vice-versa, tried to rein the most reasonable military operations, sometimes stopping them, when they began to be crowned with success. Brezhnev’s strategy duyin on the whole continentally oriented, though space and space weapon became nevertheless the basic sphere of strategic interest. Lamaists are sure that the present Dalai Lama will be the last. Occult punic war invisibly continuing during millennia.

Ogarkov was the organizer of the Prague operation, which passed so smoothly only because he managed to fully confuse NATO intelligence services the and to impose on them some excellently sent misinformation. Nobody, especially in the mainstream media or academia, poses the question, how come the geopolitical explanations of just about everything are so popular all of the sudden.