Listen to Alexandre Dumas – Cei trei muschetari by Teatru Radiofonic for free. Follow Teatru Radiofonic to never miss another show. Listen to Alexandre Dumas – Cei trei muschetari by Number One for free. Follow Number One to never miss another show. The Three Musketeers, the novel by author Alexandre Dumas, père, has been the subject of numerous films and cartoons.

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Rita Cassia Goncalves rated it really liked it Sep 05, Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Taken literally they would be abject cads. This is going to take some rumas, but my guiltiest pleasure when it comes to books is Alexandre Dumas ‘ The Three Musketeers.

Listă de ecranizări ale romanului Cei trei muschetari

For the Celebrity Death Match Review TournamentThe Lord of the Rings 2 versus Les Trois Mousquetaires 31 Three musketeers for the elven kings under the sky Seven for the dwarf-lords in their halls of stone Nine for mortal man, doomed to die One for Cardinal Richelieu It’s a beautiful afternoon aoexandre at the Coliseum, and they’re cleaning up after the Lions v Christians fixture Muschetaru simply cannot enjoy most classics.

View all 15 comments. First I’ll begin with the writing. My Lady De Winter is another story. I had never bothered to read the book because I saw an adaptation or two.

And while Milady’s corruption of Felton does have its interests, we as readers don’t spend enough time with muchetari ahead of it to really feel as bad as we should. At first, I honestly thought the over-the-top preoccupation with honor and revenge was the brilliant prelude to a great satire, but it never lets up and there’s never a punchline.


muschegari Of course, one may want to avoid going Mervyn Peake ‘s route with this, and take a lesson from the driving plot and carefree frivolity that Dumas Pere and his innumerable ghostwriters adhered to.

Yes Two is better than one. So I finally read the book and it was better!

Alexandre Dumas – Cei trei muschetari by Teatru Radiofonic | Mixcloud

In any case…en guarde, you scoundrels! Overall, The Three Musketeers is a book that one must read even once in his life for it is certainly worth the read.

The thing is, I think you could make too much of all that, If Dumas was trying to be scathing, you would expect that the musketeers, muzchetari the heroes, would condemn this kind of behaviour from the king et al. Perhaps influenced by movies and popular culture references I came to the book expecting a [at least semi] serious novel, whose action revolves around politics and the pursuit of power.

It is Don Quixote without any of the moral overtones. Cardinal Richelieu is one. I love Milady muschegari Winter too. Lists with This Book.

Cei Trei Muschetari

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. This joy is short lived, however, as all men must somehow earn enough money to equip themselves properly for war. It even lit a fire under me to read and listen to more Dumas, propelling me to the next book, the nearly twice as long Count of Monte Cristo.


I know what you’re alexanrre to say. Then the man she is musdhetari on kills her lover, the Comte de Wardes. Athos and he share the money. Well, she isn’t about to languish in prison, so she seduces a Puritan and makes her escape, winding up in a convent in France where she can hide out.

As he was paid for each book with his name on it, he made a sort of ‘writing shop’ where he would dictate plots, characters, or sometimes just titles to a series of hired writers and let them fill in the details. They stand opposite men like Athos, who hung his wife simply for a brand, muscuetari even listening to the story of how it was given it was given justly, for sure, but at the time he didn’t know that!

This is Dumas’s forte. I really thought it would be boring, and full of historical data, but no.

Now that would have been worth watching. Annie rated it really liked it Sep 18, I just wanted to ask if this edition has been abridged at all. They were caught, and both were “branded” with the fleur-de-lys — the mark of criminals.