Hey hopefully taking the RIC in the spring. Anyone out there have a RIC guide from one they took possibly in a PDF or something that I can get. Membership Director: Henry Beyer [email protected] Program AMGA Guide Education and Certification Program. AMGA Rock Guide Course & Aspirant Exam Overview . The packet will include: program manual, roster, location map, . The AMGA rock exam will weed you out. For twelve hours a day, five days in a row, we guided the best rock guides in the US up convoluted.

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Rappelling – When should a rappel system be releasable? If you wish to take the exam and took your original course from another course provider, then the AMGA requires that you take the two day update and exam.

AMGA Rock Instructor Course Manual

While not all course participants are ready for instructorr certification standard by the end of the coures, we are confident that you will significantly broaden your knowledge base of climbing knowledge and go home with many new ideas and skills.

Raising – Simple methods for raising climbers without additional tools. How long is the course and how does the certification work?

Leave No Trace – Help develop professional expectations with respect to the environment and other users.

What I learned is the difference between climbing and teaching it. Propelled by CoPilot at 6, ft.

He currently teaches Rock Climbing through the P. The course addresses fundamental educational and environmental principles as they relate to teaching climbing. The content and feedback are phenomenal. The additional skills of raising systems and safe lowering from the top are covered in this course.

AMGA rock instructor/guide courses…Who’s dunnit?

The course is 4 days long, with a separate one or two day evaluation exam to gain the certification. I have done other private lessons with AMGA guides and was not too impressed He was responsible for training the entire couese trainer pool prior to Acadia Mountain Guides Climbing School is the preeminent leader in climbing instruction and guiding in Acadia and across Maine.


Pieces of the curriculum may be taught to those not seeking the full course or you may choose to arrange a private course to meet your specific instructional needs.

Course graduates then have the option of taking a certification exam following the course or continuing to practice and taking the exam within three years.

Jon is currently one of three lead trainers that qmga certified guides to instruct the TRSM course. As a course participant you are provided a free one membership in the AMGA. Are there any economic benefits? Available at your site by arrangement at the following rates. Inevitably at the end of the class I hear that the course was “too short” and “I wish I had more days to practice. Summer camps, universities, and climbing schools are looking for certified instructors to comply with accreditation and land manager requirements.

A History of Leading the way The SPI course is designed for strong recreational climbers with proficiency in top-rope climbing and moderate trad leading. For News and Course Info. The American Mountain Guides Association AMGA top rope site management program is the all important first cpurse in the sequence of training climbing instructor and guides in America. A candidate who does not reach the certification standard in the course may schedule additional training or retake the exam at the discretion of the instructor.

The program is for current, active rock mmanual who have a real desire to teach rock climbing a,ga novices rockk a single pitch setting. Course Details Course Leader: Risk Management – Tips to minimize edge time exposure, identifying critical moments in cycles of climbing activities. Managing belays – Considerations for choosing bottom managed or top managed instrucotr sytems and how to definitively prevent student belay failures.


Sign up for an existing course or contact Rock Dimensions to provide a specific training for your organization.

AMGA Single Pitch Instructor Courses

More specifically, this includes:. While not all students are fully prepared for the certification exam by the end of the course, every participant will have the training to practice and prepare for an exam in the future and will leave the course with many new ideas and skills useful to both their professional and personal climbing pursuits.

PCIA programs are offered in various areas across the U. Participants who demonstrate competency in core skills are granted a one year Climbing Site Belayer certification.

The above prerequisites are absolute minimums. Ascending – Basic methods for ascending single or double ropes that can be used to coach climbers. Any organization or individual who teaches top rope climbing or uses climbing as a medium for personal or social change should consider this course a required tool for improved risk management and state of the art information.

A professional is partly defined as someone who manua, had training and manal.

Now isntructor I have taken the course, I applaud onstructor desire to see standards raised and was blown away by your own cliff presence and set-ups. The supplemental knowledge and specialized skills provided are designed to allow the Sport Climbing Instructor to effectively operate at outdoor climbing sites. Possess the personal equipment necessary in the course rope, artificial gear rack, runners, cordellettes, belay devices, anchor line, etc 7.

See course listing above. Wilderness First Aid certification is recommended. Peer feedback and review.