Born in in western Nigeria, Amos Tutuola achieved only a sixth-grade . When Amos Tutuola wrote The Palm-Wine Drinkard, he worked from a firm. Complete summary of Amos Tutuola’s The Palm-Wine Drinkard. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of The Palm-Wine Drinkard. The Palm-Wine Drinkard. ISBN Author: Amos Tutuola. Publisher: Faber. Guideline Price: £ Every now and again.

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All were looking at him with much surprise as this kind of animal was so scarce to get or see frequently in their bush. Here, Drinkard works successfully as a farmer and gains some magic seeds once he makes a sacrifice erinkard the creature-owner of the smos that he farms. The novel is based on Yoruba folktales.

Because of their belief in reincarnation and the exalted status of ancestors, the Yoruba celebrate the deaths of old people, for through death the individual moves on to the next stage of existence. So when these cow-men were returning to their town in the evening with me as no one bought me on that market day again, they were abusing and clubbing me repeatedly along the homeway.

The Palm-Wine Drinkard and His Dead Palm-Wine Tapster in the Deads’ Town |

But as the wood had already nearly broken into two, so I tried my best and found my way out as well and without hesitation I ran into a far bush and hid there before they came back and it was already empty, so it was this time they knew that it was a person crying in it.

Oct 05, Nabse Bamato rated it it was amazing Shelves: You can make it easier for us to review and, hopefully, publish your contribution by tne a few points in mind. The ending of The Palm-Wine Drinkard is, however, happy. But after she heard my The Short Ghosts and their Flash-eyed Mother tutuopa she believed that I am an earthly person, but she did not know how I managed amow be in the Bush of Ghosts.

But as it was on my front my head could not reach it as my neck could not bend anywhere as a dried stick, of course when I tried rdinkard best and overturned the pitcher the head fell a little distance from this food instead of touching it, but as the neck was unable to bend or move the head, and the head was also tutulla big for the neck to lift up, I tried all my power drinkadd touch the food more than thirty minutes before my mouth could reach the food and when I was about to start to eat it my mouth changed again to the beak of a small bird unexpectedly, but the food was still in front with its good flavour.

All of them were waiting for me to come down to them, but as their attitude showed that they got ready to catch me, so by that I feared them. Soooo, initially, I hated this book hahaa. Tge one day, when they noticed that I was always standing or cast down in the same place te not eating the grasses or roaming about as other cows were doing, then they started to flog me with heavy clubs and also illtreat me as they were treating wild or stubborn cows, so I was feeling much pain and still I was unable to eat the grasses or to be doing as other cows were doing.


The Palm-Wine Drinkard and His Dead Palm-Wine Tapster in the Deads’ Town

The Yoruba who dwell on Aiye consult as well as make sacrifices to the ancestors in Orun and to the orisa who dwell there and exert control over life on earth. Unfortunately, our editorial approach may not be able to accommodate all contributions. I don’t know which parts of the story are Tutuola’s and which are standard folk tales, but in any case what follows is a strange and twisting story following the hero through a series of encounters with vicious beasts and tutuila beings.

It is a medley of old mud huts and new concrete buildings, a mixture of cultures such as the subject- matter of the books would lead us xrinkard expect.

But as they forced me to choose the silverish- 27 Aplm the Bush of Ghosts ghost as he ;alm the ghost that my heart throbbed out to their hearing to choose, when I chose him, he was exceedingly glad and ran to me, then he took me on his shoulder and then to his room. Bizarrely, it’s also exactly what I’ve wanted out drinkatd fiction for a while now: There are inevitably various bits and pieces in reviews characterising the book as quintessentially African, or primitivist or pslm.

Read more from the Study Guide. The ancestors are actively concerned with the welfare and behavior of their descendants, whom they may protect or punish, and from whom driinkard require sacrifice in order to be admitted into the realm of Orun. Do not expect great attention to structure or particularly satisfying resolution; come along for the ride. Relevant discussion may be found on the talk page. The responsibility for maintaining balance and harmony between heaven and earth belongs to living Yoruba who, through sacrifice, both appease the inhabitants of Orun and replenish their power.

They shot him to death at once with guns, after that all of them started to drag him to their town as he was too heavy for them to carry on their heads. When I was drinking it she left me there and went away, after a few minutes she returned with two maids who would be helping her to do all the housework.

The single horrific images or episodes are not difficult to endure but, rather, their accumulation becomes oppressive; the more so as one suspects Tutuola of writing an exaggerated but recognizable cultural allegory. Oct 01, Carrie Lorig rated it it was amazing. Without palm wine, Drinkard loses his happiness and his friends, but then realizes that he has a chance to get his tapster back:.

So first of all we travelled to the north of the town as there was a road which led to the town of our grand- mother which was not far away from ours. Although I appreciated or recognized these lights as the same, but I appreciated one thing more which is food, and this food is my native food which was cooked by the copperish-ghost, but as I was very hungry so I entered into his room, and when he saw that it was his room I entered he was exceedingly glad so that he gave me the food which was the same colour with copper.


Even the hunters dreaded the Forest of God more than the Forest of Four Thousand Demons; and it was a law in our town that any hunter who had not hunted elephant must not go there to hunt, for it was the abode of wonders; it was where the birds talked like human beings, and animals bought and sold from and to one another; where many trees did not have roots, but looked fresh with evergreen leaves.

The first African novel published in English outside of Africa, this quest tale based on Yoruba folktales is written in a modified Yoruba English or Pidgin English.

But as I heard from him that he would cut me into three, I fainted more than an hour before my heart came back to normal.

His writing is distinct from the correct but rather stiff essays that some more highly educated Africans produce. His arrival in Dead Man’s town toward the end of book is particularly wonderful. She had a kind of a terrible alarm which was in a hidden part of her body, but it was not visible to us, except those heads and herself. Immediately we reached there and sat under the shade of some palm trees … I fall aslept [sic]. This smelling town was separated and very far away from all other towns of ghosts.

Although the tapster does not return with him, the drinkard does return with a beautiful wife and a magic egg. Have they changed or displaced ancient beliefs? Jan 31, Brent Legault rated it it was ok. And at the same moment that I used it, it changed me to a cow with horns on its head instead of a horse, but I forgot before I used it that I would not be able to change back to the earthly person again, because I did not know another juju which he was using before changing me back to an earthly person.

It’s funny, maybe, for the first few seconds or half-minute. In the mid-nineteenth century, Yorubaland became the focus of British interest. So I simply entered it. After I looked at him for so many hours, then I ran to a corner of the market and I cried for a few minutes because I thought within myself why was I not created with beauty as this gentleman, but then I remembered that he was only a Skull, then I thanked God that He had created me without beauty, so I went back to him in the market, but I was still attracted by his beauty.

But as I could not satisfy all of them at a time so they shared me, half of them would use me from morning till night, then the rest would use me from the night till morning.

The Idea and Art of Yoruba Storytelling. Within a few minutes when I noticed that she was not a harmful ghostess, then I thought within myself to follow her wwine her town, perhaps if I begged her to show me the way to my town she would agree.