Anattalakkhana Sutta. — The characteristic of no-Self — [anattā·lakkhaṇa] But it is because rūpa is anatta that rūpa lends itself to dis·ease, and that it cannot. The Anatta-Lakkhana Sutta explains how a wrong view of self arises within impermanence and how this wrong view of self results in ongoing suffering. lakkhaṇa Su a taught by the Buddha. This discourse, when produced in pe-wri en copy, comprised pages because it was meticu- lously anscribed by.

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The Great Discourse on Not-Self (Anatta-Lakkhana Sutta) by Mahasi Sayadaw

Having the Buddha as your personal instructor, teaching you all day and resting only to eat and sleep? A lot of the issues that arise from a metaphysical approach evaporate with a phenomenological approach.

Lakhana is as in the case of the intoxicated person who takes what does not move as moving. What is the actual question, and why are you asking?

Anattalakkhana Sutta

For example, the water of the great ocean tastes salty all the same, but it contains in it the best of water, as in the case of milk. You must now go and weed the land! Only a person who thoroughly cuts it away, whether he be a Kshatriya, Brahmin, Vaishya or Sudra sees the Buddha-Nature and attains unsurpassed Enlightenment. Off-topic posts will be removed at mod discretion, specifically: This is the idea of the non-Self in the Self.


Is perception permanent or impermanent? That was very helpful. Bhagava etadavoca – “Rupam, bhikkhave, anatta. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: I am reading in this Sutta about Buddhas Beliefs of not-self.

People who left behind their homes and Families and dedicated themselves completely to Enlightenment out in the wild. The same is also the case with the Buddha-Nature of [all] beings. Read Our Posting Guidelines!

In that case I would NOT be myself! The people of the world say that there is Self, but there is no Buddha-Nature. For sensation, conception, synthesis, and discrimination, it is also such as this. Otherwise, he would just be telling the aggregates that they’re not the anarta. But none of the people of her house, whether big or small, know of it.

Fall Retreat Talk 5 Anatta Lakkhana Sutta

Search the history of anattaa billion web pages on the Internet. If you let my son see where the gold is hidden, I will soon work for you. Nibbindam virajjati; viraga vimuccati.


They do not know the true sutta of selflessness. If you feel the need to discuss it further talk to your teacher about it. Mahanama, and the Ven. One who is wise should know that non-Self is a temporary existence and is not true. Personally, I’ve noticed a paradox with it. Volitional formations are impermanent….

Anatta Lakkhana Sutta October 14

But not yet having practised the best expedient of the Way, the person has not yet seen it. How, then, could they know the true nature of the Self itself? This is to adjust beings and because he is aware of the occasion.

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