Many Twilight fans credit Wide Awake as their introduction to In , while Wide Awake was still posting serially, angstgoddess had. Wide Awake by AngstGoddess ~ Complete. Summary: Edward and Bella have dark pasts that leave them severely emotionally scarred. TITLE: Wide Awake AUTHOR: AngstGoddess PUBLICATION DATE: December 26, PAGES: pages FORMAT: Ebook SOURCE.

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I have saved the PDF of this book so that I can go back and read it again in the future, as I know this is a story you could read over and over again and love different things about it each time.

In an unlikely scenario the two meet and end up having an awkward conversation that starts the beginning of a friendship so complex and powerful. It’s years ago when I found this masterpiece and I think I’ll be reading WA for the rest of my life, not only because it’s so good, but also for the great memories.

Edward and Bella have a shit ton of issues and become pretty co-dependent, which makes for a bit of redundancy.

Wide Awake

This site uses cookies. I read the story when it only had two chapters left.

We understood each other more than the family understood us. They have debilitating nightmares and will do lots of things to avoid sleep. I stayed up until 2: This is a very well-known, popular fanfiction based on Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight saga. If they aren’t giving me credit, then I’m sure in a very not conceited way that more people who’ve read it know it’s mine than not.


Somehow, she ends up drifting off to sleep wrapped in his arms. It’s the fic by which all others are measured. The Fifty Shades trilogy by E.

I will read anything written by this author and that’s a lot coming from me. All The Same by Sick Puppies 2. Somehow, she ends up drifting off to sleep wrapped in his arms.

Wide Awake by AngstGoddess ~ Complete « TwiFanfictionRecs

Burn and Shine by pulsepoint reviews At first glance felonious Edward seems like nothing but zwake, but as sheltered college student Bella digs deeper she realizes he is so much more. I devoured every single word, see up until that point I had only read the books. This site uses cookies. Books Twilight Staff of: This is also rated M, and for a good reason the story not my review.

Long live to Wide Awake! It is ultimate proof that I have a huge soft spot for bad boys with a tender side. They meet and begin to form a bond during the night hours.

When I was asked if I’d consider publishing my own popular fanfiction Wide AwakeI said no, and she wondered why this would be, since I’m so poor.

Sometimes I bite off more than I can chew, and that’s all my fail.

Main Players

Yes, it’s fanfiction, Yes it’s Twilight fan fiction but it is so much more. Ruled by God, damned by fate. Jun 03, Natalie rated it really liked it. I even couldn’t stand Steph’s own re-writing of Twilight wdie switching genders, I simply can’t read this.

After, his mom gave him up to the wkde. May 14, Colleen Vincent rated it it was amazing. I think it definitely should be published, but with the raunchy lemons I doubt it would get the same recognition angstgoddes0s03 wide-spread readership as Twilight. A beautiful wife, two wonderful children, and a successful writing career. It switches back and forth from Edward’s to Bella’s point of view, and Edward is just so snarky and funny.


Because kissing my dungeon master – my best friend – my Jasper – would be the definition of a botch. And the other characters are very well drawn, different, and their interactions are awesome.

Feb 12, Sigita rated it it was amazing Shelves: Angstgoddess0003 Swan comes to Forks because her mother was murdered by a crazy exboyfriend who tortured the pair for over nagstgoddess003 month. These issues are eventually addressed as the characters work towards a better relationship. All The Same by Sick Puppies 2. I’m a huge of Twilight and lost count of times I read it. This story is a fanfiction book based off Twilight characters, however the only thing these characters have in common with their counter parts are their names and looks.

The pictures reminded me of the story… Click here for the fanfic Wide Awake Download deskRobsten Wide Awake here x Download deskRobsten with just the names here x