· reference URL gaidar/. About Arkady Gaydar: Arkadi Petrovich Golikov, better known as Arkadiy Gaidar ( Russian: Аркадий Гайдар), was a Soviet writer, whose stories were very pop. This memorial is in memory of the famous writer and later partisan Arkady Gaidar who fell on 26 October Do you have more information about this location.

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In the family moved to Arzamas, a town in the Nizhny Novgorod region.

Gaidar’s books have been translated into many languages. He was a poet, a writer, a scholar, a polyglot and a publisher.

Timur Gaidar

In this story, the peaceful Soviet motherland vaidar subjected to a perfidious sneak attack by bourgeois forces. Timur was a schoolboy, a member of the Young Pioneers, who thought up a splendid way of assisting the Soviet Army.

Around this time, his mother became a member of the Party, and his father was fighting on the eastern front against Kolchak. The pseudonym he chose proved to be an apt one indeed. During one such mission, he received his first wound, a stab in the chest.

Arkady Gaidar – Russiapedia Literature Prominent Russians

Inan ardent year-old Bolshevik follower, started to distribute leaflets and patrolling the streets. Inthe family moved to Arzamas where in Arkady enrolled in a local secondary school. After his recovery, Arkady returned to battle as a company commander, first in the Kuban, then in the Tambov region, where he was given command of a regiment engaged in the battle against Gaiadr and his forces.


On 26 October, Gaidar was killed in combat near the village of Lyuplyava.

Arkady Gaidar

Accordingly, the pseudonym is constucted from the first letter of his last name Golikov Gthe first and last letters of his first name, Arkadii A, Ithe French possessive D’and the first two letters of his home town, Arzamas A,R.

As the Soviet fathers and older brothers are killed, little children have to join arkaddy battle.

Inas an ardent year-old Bolshevik follower, Gaidar started to distribute leaflets and patrol the streets. In days of old, mounted warriors on the march would send a horseman ahead as a scout.

In a diary he cited it as 9 February old styleaccording to his sister Natalya’s memoirs it was 9 January. He accepted the offer and on 7 Novemberthe 8th anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution, the paper printed his story Uglovoi Dom “House on the Corner”and for the first time he used the pen-name of Gaidar.

Grave Memorial Arkady Gaidar – Kaniv –

A friend invited him to Perm to work on the Party newspaper Zvezda. Arkadj 26 February Silver TrumpetsKonets imperatora taygi Russian: This request was refused.

Young Arkady ran away from home arkary tried to join his father at the front. However, the marriage broke up. They appeared in print between and InGolikov applied for Communist Party membership and started working for the local newspaper Molot as a correspondent. Valery Bryusov Bryusov is considered to be one of the founders of Russian symbolism.


He was given 15 days to complete the job. He was buried in the town of Kaniv. A countrywide movement, known as the Timur movement, sprang up. Gaidar produced mainly feuilletons for Zvezda gaidae, which printed of them between and A captivating account of an altruistic pioneer youth gave birth to the mass Timur movement among Young Pioneers and other children’s organisations all over the Soviet Union.

He laid several notebooks on the table and said, “I’m Arkady Golikov. He gairar the partisans and became a machine gunner.

Children in every town and village of the Soviet Union read Gaidar. During his lifetime he won two orders and many medals.

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