READERS GUIDE. The questions, discussion topics and author biography that follow are designed to enhance your group’s reading of Chitra Banerjee. In this collection of emotionally fraught short stories, poet Divakaruni (Black Candle) relates the travails of Indian women trying to adapt to the often alienating . Although Chitra Divakaruni’s poetry has won praise and awards for many years, it is her “luminous, exquisitely crafted prose” (Ms.) that is quickly making her one.

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Beautiful collection of short stories. About Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni. In this book they will find great encouragement not to give up and to hang in there. If you really want to read a book of this author, my hands up to The Palace Of Illusions. The writing is not bad; good even. However, the reader has reached an understanding that this mzrriage cannot be written in clear strokes of black and white.

Walau saya punya beberapa cerita fav, bukan berarti cerita- cerita lainnya tidak bagus. Somesh Sen, pria keturunan India yang lama chtra di California, mencari calon istri ke tempat Sumita.

Apr 15, Simona rated it liked it. Oct 13, Ankita Chauhan rated it it was amazing.

Arranged Marriage Reader’s Guide

Akhirnya, Runu menelepon Anjali diam-diam, mengatakan bahwa ia ketakutan karena mertua dan suaminya ingin ia mengaborsi janin yang dikandungnya karena diduga berjenis kelamin perempuan.

Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni is an award-winning author and poet. Read reviews that mention arranged marriage arranged marriages short stories indian women chitra banerjee indian culture banerjee divakaruni easy read collection of stories must read indian woman read this book writing style indian woman worth reading stories seem indian marriages lives of people indian girls american culture.


In her debut collection of short stories, Divakaruni explores the ways in which women raised with traditional values try to balance the realities of a new existence in America. Customers who bought marriiage item marrriage bought.

Arranged Marriage () — Chitra Divakaruni

Stories by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni Sometimes it so happens that when you read too many books from the same author, you begin to easily feel too comfortable with the theme arrangde you can end up even predicting the end and can easily sniff what is happening after having just read a few pages.

Most of the stories in this collection focus on women who are chitea serious danger, be it physical, emotional, or both.

Lahiri’s style is more cerebral, the stories are to be read for hidden nuances in Very readable selection of stories, but overall I don’t feel that they touched me in a lasting way. In Sister of My Heart? Or does writing something that doesn’t make your blood boil or head hang less demonstrative of one’s intellectual prowess? Not Enabled Screen Reader: It didn’t really reflect “arranged marriage” in modern India at all.

Paperbackpages. View all 5 comments. View all 20 comments. Customers who viewed this item also viewed. Karena mereka sama sekali belum pernah bertemu sebelum hari pernikahan, sama sekali tidak tahu seperti apa sifat calon suami mereka, seperti apa wajahnya, seperti apa gaya hidupnya.

Masalah muncul ketika sahabat Deepak datang dari India. Hard to believe that this is still going in hanerjee 21st century. Lain waktu kalau ada mood baru bahas satu per satu.

Arranged Marriage (1995)

Throughout her book, Divakaruni weaves themes of family honor and woman in bad relationships. Ketulusan kakek-paman membuat saya marriiage. She is also closely involved with Pratham, an organization that helps educate children especially those living in urban slums in India.


You’re bringing the spirit of women down, instead of empowering them.

A Novel Kindle Edition. Through several strong female protagonists, Divakaruni presents both favorable and unfavorable glimpses into arranged marriage, as well as into the South Asian American immigrant experience.

The Sweetness of Tears: To want more out of life than fulfilling duties you took on before you knew what they truly meant? Selalu ada barang terjatuh jika ia berada di rumah. The question, however, is left hanging when the story ends with an image of the narrator and her mother running away once more, wounded and frantic, to escape her abusive father.

Beberapa perempuan dalam kisah ini mendambakan kebebasan dengan cara melarikan diri atau bercerai, yang merupakan aib bagi masyarakat India.

Stories are drab and predictable.

Arranged Marriage by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni – Reading Guide – : Books

What bothers me is that Ms. Suami Abha, Ashok, juga cukup akrab dengan Meena. Gramedia Pustaka Utama Terbit: How does the Indian immigrant experience compare to that of other immigrants—Spanish, Italian, Chinese? See all 74 reviews. Jadi begitu harus tinggal bersama, pilihannya ya mencintai lelaki itu apa adanya. Berkisah tentang Meera, seorang wanita karier yang sukses dan tinggal bersama dengan kekasih pilihannya sendiri. Are they arrangd in their views, or are they deluding themselves?

Entah hanya di buku fiksi saja, atau pria India memang gemar bermain tangan pada istrinya.