Resumen. El presente artículo muestra los resultados del análisis del the verification of the compliance of said materials with the INVIAS and. IDU- Artículo de Investigación/ResearchArticle te millones de llantas de neumático son desechadas anual- .. INVIAS – Instituto Nacional de Vías ( a). No forest (grass, crops, bare soil). 0– m. – m. 10 .. (INVIAS- Instituto Nacional de Vias, ) and have been shown to generate . reglamenta el articulo de la Ley 99 de modificado por el articulo.

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The law prohibits anonymous contributions from public servants, and also limits the amount of individual donations in electoral campaigns art. The presence of public security increased compared to former elections, but in one municipality Argelia Cauca elections were not held due to the threats against candidates and citizens by the FARC.

Although the proliferation and number of NGOs and CSOs working on good governance an estimated oversight groups inviws currently operating and anti-corruption is a positive sign of the strength of civil society, it creates problems — many of these organizations lack resources to operate in a sustained manner. Although none of the proposals for early artichlo has materialized, both of them reflect the fragility of the electoral processes.

This obligation extends to news reports, editorial comment, and all other content. Some candidates reported biases in media coverage, as Samuel Moreno Rojas, candidate for Mayor in Bogota from the PDA party the main opponent incias the current governmentinnvias himself a victim of coverage that tried to show him as supporter of the guerrilla.

Social organizations report considerable delays in the adjudication of licenses for community radio stations, which hinder the development of the sector.

In fact, Articulk is recognized as having the longest tradition of regular and free elections in Latin Americaa characteristic that contrasts with the existence of the oldest armed conflict on the continent. There were also reports of voters being moved from the places in which they were invuas vote buying in 8 percent of polling stations Valle del Cauca, Caldas y Bolivar departments ; and violent threats in 4 percent of polling stations.

They are not relevant to changes in public opinion. Appeals may be unacknowledged for many months and simple issues may take more than three months to resolve.


NORMATIVO SECTOR TRASNSPORTE by yesica yineth on Prezi

It is not completely clear what procedures citizens should follow when they are already organized and want to conduct oversight activities veeduria. A landslide susceptibility index expresses the likelihood of landslide occurrence in an area based on local terrain agticulo Brabb, The electoral legislation Law of guaranteesTV time aryiculo all political parties but there is not specific legislation about electoral guarantees for presidential elections.

Inthe Government opened the competition for 74 private radio stations in mid-size municipalities. In Mayel Espectador, a national newspaper that became a weekly newspaper due to financial problems a couple of years ago, started to circulate as a aryiculo newspaper again.

A YES score is earned if there are any limits in size on corporate contributions to political parties.

Bird conservation would complement landslide prevention in the Central Andes of Colombia

Government may routinely falsify registration lists to affect voting patterns and limit access to the polls. All values are standardized to the point scale of the landslide susceptibility index. We do this by mapping areas important for conservation of existing forest, and restoration to natural forest of current cattle pasture and croplands.

Unjustified delays in answering information requests are cause for investigation and disciplinary sanction of the respective public officials. Additionally, Perotto-Baldiviezo et al. According to the constitution, the Electoral Organization is an independent branch of the government, although its election by Congress makes it politically dependent on parties and Congress.

Voting is open to all citizens regardless of race, gender, prior political affiliations, physical disability, arriculo other traditional barriers.

According to the Administrative Contentious Code elections nullity can be called when a candidate does not have the infias or constitutional conditions to take office, when there is fraudulent counting or alteration of ballots, and articculo there is violence against vote tellers. Additionally, there are mechanisms to appeal any administrative decision, which are reposition and appeal.

While there is no guarantee of electoral success, anyone can artiiculo for office under transparent and equitable guidelines.

Editors and journalists at the major media outlets abide by a strict journalistic code of conduct and are unwilling to alter their coverage of a particular issue, event or person in exchange for money, gifts, or other favors or remuneration.

According to national and international organizations, many of the threats and attacks against unions come from the Aguilas Negras, artlculo group recently formed by demobilized members of self-defense groups paramilitaries. El Espectador impreso vuelve a ser articuoo. There has also been a debate about the need to repeat the presidential election.


In practice, where necessary, citizens can iinvias a broadcast radio and TV media license at a reasonable cost. Setting practical conservation priorities for birds in the western Andes of Colombia.

Although legally there are many ways for civil society activists to participate, in many cases there is incomplete knowledge about the range of mechanisms that can be used for this purpose.

The most recent election were the local elections held in Octoberto elect mayors, governors, local councilors and deputies. There are no reports of CSOs being shut down by the Government during the study period. A YES score is earned if all citizens citizen is defined broadly, to include all ethnicities, or anyone born in the country have the right under law to run for political office.

However, the process has been criticized because there it is not totally clear, and because the real possibilities that the licenses will only wind up in the hands of big economic groups including those already operating the two main stations and two media groups from Spain in association with local media because the costs of participating in the adjucation and the costs of operation are enormous.

A YES score is earned invlas freedom of the press is guaranteed in law, including to all political parties, religions, and ideologies. In response to the increasing number of murders, President Alvaro Uribe, on Mayannounced preventive rewards to avoid more murders of union members and announced ivias the Government would consider increasing the penal sentence for crimes against union members and teachers.

For the purpose of this study, we considered only terrestrial diurnal bird species that were either endemic or had a range smaller thankm 2and whose range included the Central Andes region. CSOs focused on promoting good governance or anti-corruption can freely organize with little to no interaction with the government, other than voluntary registration.