: Ashes, Ashes (): Jo Treggiari: Books. Ashes, Ashes and millions of other books are available for instant access. Kindle | Audible. “In Ashes, Ashes by Jo Treggiari, Lucy is prepared to acknowledge that ninety- nine percent of the population is gone and that her choices are few. What she isn’ t. In Jo Treggiari’s grim adventure Ashes, Ashes, Mother Earth is pissed, and has decided to give us a time out once and for all. First comes the horrifically mutated .

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Pocketful of Posies

Environmental catastrophes and epidemics brought humankind back to basics: The action begins right away in this novel; the reader will not be bored. From public rejection of evolution and climate change research; from our baffling refusal to reduce our dependence on vanishing fossil fuels and embrace renewable energy; from an utterly appalling anti-vaccination hysteria, promulgated by fraudulent research and promoted by ashs celebrities, that has seen the resurgence of such afflictions as whooping cough and measles — more and more, a scientifically illiterate public are being duped by a wave of science-is-the-enemy propaganda.

Join the site and send us your review! The high waters cannot cleanse this terror-filled place. Sorry, your treggiqri cannot share posts by email. She buried her nose in his shoulder and snuffled.

I was quite pleased that zombies do not appear in a book with devastating disease and destruction. On the whole, the strings that the author was pulling, or the scaffolding of the plot, always felt visible. It starts out slow but the second half is engaging enough if a bit cliche and unfocused. Talk to George later tonight when he got back from work. And there’s one thematic choice that irritated me in particular. If you are really bored, this might be a good read, but I find more excitement in cleaning the toilets.


The book is very focused on just Lucy’s little world. But I do know this People kept their curtains drawn and the yards were fouled with garbage and cat shit.

Ashes, Ashes – Jo Treggiari

Del tregglari what it felt like to always move around in a pack. While I appreciated taking the time to get to know our protagonist, the background information kind of all came out in one infodump instead of being revealed in a natural, gradual way; it was alienating, but nice to get the set-up out of the way, too. I admit that teens reading this book will mostly miss the information about the thermometer and the rabbit cooking, but there is no reason that they should not be baffled by the survival statistics.

Well, not in this book, they must have used some new style thermometer that no one I spoke with has ever heard of: She sounded really tired, and her shoulders were slumped as if she was weary just standing.

It was interesting, but not really exciting. Periodically they go out and gather scavengers, as people like Lucy are known, and bring them back to the hospital to infect them with strains of the plague. Our heroine is weird and pitiful.

The locks were strong but one good kick would bust the door. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. To ask other readers questions about Ashes, Ashesplease sign up. When Leo arrives dying of the plague and days later Del wanders back after having escaped, they tell everyone what is going on in the hospital and where they are keeping the kids. Review originally posted at: After the natural disasters that reeked havoc over the entire world the survivors then battled the plague that swarmed the remaining population.


This was a terrifying look at the apocalypse that would leave every reader pondering their future. While the survival element of this tale is thoroughly engrossing, the Sweepers themselves and the events surrounding the final showdown with treggiaru present just a few minor drawbacks. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I love this genre so I was very excited to read Ashes, Ashes.

We can sit down right here and eat them. Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants. A decade into the new century, and we’re now worried about cataclysmic climate change, our failed stewardship of our dear Mother Earth.

Much to my surprise Ashes, Ashes will be the first tteggiari this type of book on my favorites list. After the required romantic tension thing is established between Lucy, Aidan, and rival girl Del, Lucy quickly discovers that the lives of the survivors are routinely disturbed by the staff of a nearby hospital.