The Audiolab AV is an audiophile home cinema processor with extraordinary pedigree. Based on the £2, Tag McLaren AV30 AV Processor, this. Find great deals for Audiolab AV AV Pre Amp Preamp Preamplifier Processor No Remote& Error 5. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Used Audiolab Av for sale on + second hand hifi sites & shops. Use Hifi Shark to monitor pricing and global availability.

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The item is in good cosmetic condition.

Audiolab AV AV Pre Amp Preamp Preamplifier Processor No Remote& Error 5 | eBay

This Audiolab kit still has its appeal if you’ve room for only one system. Mind you, it wasn’t that old when the IR module failed? Against Short of the audio and video facilities you might expect at this price. We Offer Part Exchange. Earn points [? That, however, is your lot — and that’s an issue in the modern market. Sure, it’ll take PCM audio from your Blu-ray or HD DVD player, and yes, you can instruct said player to convert every form of sound stored on your discs into a PCM signal that the Audiolab can understand — wudiolab wouldn’t you rather be able to listen to your discs’ soundtracks in their unconverted form?

Send to a friend. Time for some improvisation. Lighting and Effects Disco Lights.

It has been tested and is in full working order. The arrival of audio-capable HDMI switching two in, one out is obviously the most welcome improvement over the outgoing AV.

Once removed I cleaned up the pads and scoured the Internet for a replacement. Email me when stock arrives. One company in Japan hmm. All popular formats are supported and the unit is supplied as standard with trigger switches to allow integration with a full cinema installation. After down-loading the manufacturers data sheet for the IR receiver module, I soon discovered 8000aav it wasn’t outputting any ttl levels.


You don’t have permmission to comment, or comments have been turned off for this article. So with a bit of messing around I managed to solder the new module to the board Viola! Price Beat Guarantee We’ll beat any price! It’s the AP processor that’s got the new toys here. Designed for the real AV enthusiast these and are capable audoilab handling any of the most complicated of Audiooab Theatre applications you should wish to throw at them.

What Hi-Fi?

First, there’s the simple issue of numbers. These fellas are so expensive that I had to use the special fluffy repair bench! However, the mean spec seems too much of a compromise. I also had to replace the failed power led with a standard red 3mm type as the type used by Audiolab are now obsolete. Our Verdict If an involving all-round sound is your priority, give these a listen pronto.

Please Log in or Register to write a review. One fully functioning AV receiver! Video switching is offered between up to eight inputs – both S-video and composite. Phone Lines Open Mon – Fri: Please login or register.

I guess these component failures will be due to the standby power state taking it’s toll! It comes with the remote, power lead, manual and the original box. Apparently this AV receiver stopped responding to IR remote commands several years ago, which rendered the unit pretty well useless, as most of the settings are via OSD on screen display and the remote. For Big, bold and immersive sound cast-iron build.


Be the first the write a review. Optical and co-axial digital inputs, as well as analogue audio inputs, allow seamless transitions between audio sources.

As I had no schematic this was going to be a tricky one! The Audiolab AV Pre-Amplifier continues the theories of 800av nonsense engineering and great production quality. I had to very carefully destroy the thing with a pair of cutters without lifting the pads off the board! This also required me to enlarge the front panel hole slightly.

So are the changes timely, or too little, too late? Click on the image to enlarge. However the hard bit was removing the SMD module.

Showroom Open Mon – Fri: There are currently no reviews for this product. The Audiolab AV home theatre pre-amplifier is a fully featured 7. I managed to obtain a slightly higher spec part that would do the job nicely. Some SMD components are fixed to the board with adhesive prior xudiolab the re-flow soldering process. Some 18 months later, Audiolab has tried to address some of our concerns, but that long a timespan is an eternity in modern home cinema terms — just ask HD DVD manufacturers.

After de-soldering the terminals I couldn’t get the effing module off the board! If an involving all-round sound is your priority, give these a listen pronto.