Axxon Intellect’s video analytics – smart video detection tools, smart search in. Integration. Peace of mind doesn’t have to be difficult. Right out of the box. Specifications. Main Features. Object Orientation: Anything connected to Axxon.

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Stay signed in Forgot your password? Synchronized audio and video data can be exported using any video codec to AVI for viewing outside of the system.

Axxon Intellect Enterprise | AxxonSoft Limited | IFSEC Global Directory

Queue management The queue length detection tool counts the number of people standing in view of a video camera that is aimed at a customer queuing area. Financial Homeland Security Industrial. Sort data according to specified criteria, such as time, object type, or events. Do you want to improve your security and your business systems but don’t want the time, cost or frustration of implementing a new enterprise-wide system?

Weekday, weekend and holiday scheduling can be customized. Management Industry Awards Patents Careers. You might be interested in these products. Global Offices info axxonsoft.

US Edition International Edition. AxxonSoft AxxonSmart PRO video management software with its innovative user interface, state-of-the-art video analytics sxxon event response configuration. Thanks to exciting innovations from AxxonSoft, the Axxon Next platform has reached a whole new level of performance, reliability, efficiency, functionality and accessibility. Two years ago the Murmansk company Universal ATC equipped the terminal building itnellect a security eenterprise based on the Axxon Intellsct Enterprise software package.


AxxonSoft Railway Intellect software modules for railroads monitoring. The system can automatically send e-mails with attached video images. Stay signed in Forgot your password? It’s extremely flexible, so you get all the functionality and capabilities you need without paying for features you don’t want. As a unified security management system, Axxon Intellect Enterprise integrates any security applications, systems and devices, including new IP-based systems and legacy software, into a single environment.

Anything connected to Axxon Intellect Enterprise a camera, for example is organized and represented as a virtual software object to the end intellecct. Unlimited; data from all servers can be viewed at a single workstation.

Become a Partner Technology Partners. Automatic upon connection to server; can also synchronize event logs. The detection tool counts the people who stay in the specified area for a specified length of time: Axxon Next State-of-the-art open-platform intelligent video management software Learn more. In all other respects, Intellect Lite is a full-fledged version of the Intellect Enterprise’s video subsystem supporting its core features: Create a multi-level site map in.

Axxon Intellect’s Video Analytics

Number of cameras per workstation is not limited by software and only depends on the workstation performance. Is Axxon Intellect Enterprise compatible with our cameras, sensors, and other devices? Users can group virtual software objects by area and type to enhance desktop organization and enable quick access.


Automatically zoom to the appropriate map layer or object upon alarm. The first high-speed PTZ camera was also installed at that time.

Interactive 3D Map superimposes camera locations on a site map and displays camera views in the same window.

Axxon Intellect Enterprise is Universal

Because it’s based on an enteprise architecture that allows for true interoperability, Axxon Intellect Enterprise makes it possible to connect security and video management systems with business applications. Built-in video amp offers onboard brightness, contrast and color saturation control; also provides gain control to protect card from damage during thunderstorms or high voltage interference.

Axxon Next State-of-the-art open-platform intelligent video management software Learn more. Global Offices info axxonsoft.

Export images to JPEG. Visual indication of moving object’s edges optional. AxxonSoft Axxon Intellect Lite supports an interactive map of the guarded location, event protocol and creating automatic scripts for system reactions to events. Define user access to reports.

Looking for a Partner? Stay signed in Forgot your password? Intellect Lite supports up to four video servers, up to 64 video cameras per server, and an unlimited number of remote workstations.

External decoder and viewer utilities. WatchDog anti-hang-up timer monitors the system power supply and provides system restart on system hang-up.