Both an official chronicle and the highly personal memoir of the emperor Babur ( –), The Baburnama presents a vivid and. The Babur-nama in English. (Memoirs of Babur). Translated from the original Turki Text. OF. ZahiruM-din Muhammad Babur Padshah Ghazi. BY. ANNETTE. An elegantly produced modern translation is that by Wheeler M. Thackston, The Baburnama: Memoirs of Babur, Prince and Emperor (Washington, D. C., etc.

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Definitely a better memory than mine.

The Baburnama: Memoirs of Babur, Prince and Emperor

The Dar-i-gham canal flows along the south, at the distance of some two miles. He was affable, eloquent and sweet-spoken, and bold. Next we were for going up the valley of the Kam River and over the Sara-taq pass. He took about 20, of their sheep and between and of their horses and shared all out to the men. Central Asia was in flux at that time, with the land changing hands between the existing nobility almost every other day.

Read, highlight, and take notes, across web, tablet, and phone.

The Baburnama: Memoirs of Babur, Prince and Emperor by Zahirud-din Muhammad Babur

Aanvankelijk een marionet van anderen, wordt gebruikt voor Timurid legitimiteit, Babur werd geleidelijk aan een echte leider. Within the journal itself, there are many revealing points. This Modern Library Paperback Classics edition includes notes, indices, maps, and illustrations. Kichik Khan went up directly in front of him; as he approached, he rode in a circle, from right to left, round him; then dismounted before him.

Thackston’s work is the first English translation in 70 years of Babur’s candid 16th-century autobiography–the earliest known autobiography in Islamic literature.

This book was soothing, a consolation for me for it provided me with peace while my city was going through a very difficult period in its history. About Zahirud-din Muhammad Babur.


Yet he also recounts how he forswore alcohol in later years—only to regret it. They call it subhaniand it is very palatable. Babur would not hear of it. In the end, after all the facts and names and actions, which grow clearer to read and enjoy, as I’ve said, it is a really great read and interesting.

The Baburnama by W.M. Thackston, Jr. | : Books

Disputing which should go out to the flank, these two drew swords on one another. We were set free from the affliction of baburnsma a foe and from the pangs of hunger and had reached the repose of security and the relief of abundance. A plant called Ayiq oti and having the qualities of the mandrake is known in Yeti-kent The book is disarmingly honest, reporting drinking parties thackstpn drug taking as well as battles and disloyalty by those s This is an excellent translation of a most compelling book, the autobiography of the founder of the Moghul empire.

His curiosity for the land and its people is clearly visible. They were cut up at an entertainment and those from Bukhara could not compare with those from Akhsi. We for our part crossed the Ab-burdan pass and set out to The Khan in Tashkent Zahir ud-din Muhammad Babur more commonly known as Babur,was a military adventurer from Central Asia who rose to power at Kabul after establishing his first kingdom in In addition to being a conqueror he was also a keen writer, and his autobiography, the “Baburnama” or “Memoirs of Babur” has been compared to the “Meditations” of Marcus Aurelius and the “Confessions” of Augustine and Rousseau, for its uncommon candor in the presentation of self.

Some thac,ston the original name of the meadow must have been Kan-i-abgir Mine of Quagmire because the river is bordered by quagmire, but the bistories all write Kan-i-gil Mine of Clay. He was lifted up and carried away.


One is thckston famous Kan-i-gil, some 2 miles east and a little north of the town. This was the very sword which, as will be told with the events of next year, came down on my own head!

Another peeve of mine would be the fact that I was bombarded with similar sounding names, which was another reason why Thqckston did take so much time to finish the damn work. The soldiers and peasantry lost hope and, by ones and twos, began to let themselves down outside the walls and flee.

I ordered people to pace round the ramparts of the walled-town; the distance measured 10, steps. Compared to ours, it is another world.

In kingship it is improper to seek solitude.

Ulugh Khan, in his turn, had risen when Kichik Khan drew near. Mar 18, Bubba rated it it was amazing Shelves: The acclaiming of the military standards according to Mongol tradition. Seeing that he could do nothing, he rode off at once. Once in one of these wanderings between the afternoon and evening prayers, I saw a cow going down a narrow, ill-defined road. Humayun possessed a priceless diamond, they said, which could be sold and the proceeds given to the poor He constantly presented me with odes.

That modern India, due to our good neighbour and friend finds itself unable to access Central Asia via land routes, is rather sad, seeing as the cultural linkages both regions share stretch back to antiquity. The book is disarmingly honest, reporting drinking parties and drug taking as well as battles and disloyalty by those sworn to fealty.

Kesh is another district of Samarkand, 48 miles by road to the south of the town.