Basil Valentine. Records of the life of Basilius Valentinus, the Benedictine monk who for his achievements in the chemical sphere has been given the title of. Valentine’s true identity can’t be known for sure, but my money’s on Johann Thölde, and we talk a little about both. As far as we know for the first time in the. VALENTINE, BASIL, OR BASILIUS VALENTINUSChemistry, alchemy, edly a German Benedictine monk born at Mainz in , Basil.

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Do not despise the truthful basipius of those who possessed the Stone before us. According to John Maxson Stillmanwho wrote on the history of chemistry, there is no evidence of such a name on the rolls in Germany or Rome and no mention of this name before The edition does not include illustrations. It is a stone, and no stone; therein Nature alone operates.

For all herbs, trees, and roots, and all metals and minerals, receive their growth and nutriment from the spirit of the earth, which is the spirit of life. For they do not understand that our Artist does not claim to create anything, but only to evolve new things from the seed made ready to his hand by the Creator. Then when you know how to extract the metal from its body by purification, the destruction of the first Mars, and reverberation, without the use of any corrosive the method of doing which I have indicated in my third Key — you must dissolve that Mercury in its own blood out of which it was made before it became fixed as indicated in the sixth Key ; and you have then nourished and dissolved the true valentime with the blood of the green vslentine.

The process of augmentation and quickening is mostly performed in [the] earth, while it is caused by spiritual seed through the other elements. These things represent a liquid key, comparable to the celestial influence, and a dry water joined to the terrestrial substance: Woodcuts appear in the edition.

Its proper name here upon earth, and for the human understanding, is ‘All-in-All. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Robert Boyle and his alchemical quest: More I may not say about ‘ All-in-All,’ since all is comprehended in all. Jupiter is the Grand Marshal, and is preceded by a banner of grey colour, valentne by Rhetoric, and adorned with a variegated representation of Hope.

The volume also embodies a lengthy metrical treatise on the philosophers’ stone, the writer contending that whoever should discover and use this must do charitable deeds, mortify the flesh, and pray without ceasing.

She fell on her knees, and with outspread hands, and flowing tears, besought them to liberate her husband — the Sun — from vakentine prison in which, through the crafty wiles of Mercury, he was being detained by the Planets.


In the same way you must repeatedly distil the valentije which you have extracted from the earth, and then again restore it to your earth, as the water in the Strait of Euripus frequently leaves the shore, and then covers it again until it arrives at a certain limit.

Twelve Keys of Basil Valentine

In the form of sand all its excessive moisture is dried up. Hence it manifestly appears that no one element can work effectually without the aid of the others, and that all must contribute towards the generation of anything.

Postscript When you have thus obtained the material, the regimen of the fire is the vallentine thing on which you need bestow basillus attention. Man was not to be able to produce new seed: I will therefore proceed to shew how, by the help of God, I was enabled to prepare the Stone of the Ancients, and, for your further instruction, I will add twelve keys, in which I give a figurative account of our Art. When this union has taken place, the two bring forth a third namely, an earth-like substance, which is the basiliks of our seed, of its first source, so that it can shew an ancestry, and from which three the elements, such as water, air, and earth, take their origin.

Chemist and historian Lawrence M.

Basil Valentine | History of Alchemy

This prepared spirit does not dissolve gold bodily, but if it be poured on prepared calx of gold, it extracts the essence of its colour and redness. Out of stones the master also prepares lime by burning which is very useful for our work- But before they are prepared valntine fire, they are mere stones. Then you must join the husband and wife together that each may feed upon the other’s flesh and blood, and that so they may propagate their species a thousandfold.

The body by itself profits nothing. O principle of the prime principle, consider the end! But the rites of the bridal night she performs without any clothing but that which she was arrayed withal at the moment of her birth. Amatory Venus is clothed with abundant colour, and her whole body is one pure tincture, not unlike the red colour which is found in the most precious of metals. Coagulate and fix it by means of continuous warmth.

Valemtine is the chemist vaelntine can eliminate vxlentine poisonous nature of antimony and make it into fit medicines for human ailments.

Basil Valentine

This work contains a wealth of information on antimony, its ores, and other related metals and minerals, as well as on laboratory procedures in general. FIFTH KEY The quickening power of the earth produces all things that grow forth from it, and he who basipius that the earth has no life makes a statement which is flatly contradicted by the most ordinary facts.

Then it must plunge in the salt water of the vast ocean, and emerge thence in renovated beauty. The first Latin edition was that made by John Fabre Toulouse,but the most important is that with the commentary by Theodor Kerckring Amsterdam, ; If you understand these my words, you are richer and more blessed than the whole world.


But in the summer he approaches nearer to us, the quality of the air becomes more fiery, and the snow melts and is transmuted by warmth into water. Now I will also give my Opinion respecting the Salt of the Sages The effect of “salt” is to fix or volatilize, according as it is prepared and used.

As the above illustrations make clear, our copy of the edition of also contains copious manuscript annotations through page 73, and only a very few marginal symbols thereafter. Take a quantity of the best and finest gold, and separate it into its component parts by those media which Nature vouchsafes to those who are lovers of Art, as an anatomist dissects the human body.

Also the publisher of Basilius Valentinus. Valentine, Basil This German adept in alchemical philosophy is commonly supposed to have been born at Mayence toward the close of the fourteenth century.

If much water be poured upon a little fire, the fire is overcome, and compelled to yield up the victory to the water. Praise be unto God everlastingly for this Basiliud inestimable gift.

If a merchant would keep a clear conscience, let him give just measure to his neighbour. The macrocosm-microcosm analogy is employed throughout and the significance of medicine is sought on both these levels. A short Appendix and clear Resumption of the foregoing Tract concerning the Great Stone of the Ancient Sages I, Basil Valentine, brother of the Benedictine Order, do testify that I have written this little book, wherein, after the manner of the Ancients, I have philosophically indicated how this most rare treasure may be acquired, whereby the true Sages did prolong life vaoentine its furthest limit.

But when by continued gentle heat, it is reduced to an acid, the spirit is not so volatile as it was before.

Basil Valentine |

They have been translated into many European languages, including English, French, Russian and others. Body, soul, and spirit exist in both, whence the whole matter proceeds. The actual author was clearly familiar both with laboratory procedures and mining techniques, and he refers to mines located in Central Europe and elsewhere frequently in the Letztes Testament. It is no longer wine, but has been transmuted by the putrefaction of gentle heat into an acid.