The informal term Clanbuster was coined by ComGuards MechWarriors on the eve of the Battle of Tukayyid, when ComStar upgraded certain BattleMech types. Tukayyid is a BattleTech scenario pack that provides historical notes and personal accounts of this epic battle and features a unique point system that allows. Tukayyid is a scenario pack for use with the. BattleTech game system. Each scenario in this book re- creates one of the major conflicts fought during the battle of.

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On a good day, maybe Waterly can get reinforcements from Pseudo-Tommy.

By the rules laid down by Ulric and Focht, there was no way for the Falcons to accomplish their victory- violating the terms of the agreement.

Precentor Scorpio Master Sergeant Posts: There was no way to ever battletdch the city of Olalla, because it didn’t exist when the Falcons arrived.

Clanbuster – BattleTechWiki

What if the Clans won at Tukayyid? If we are fortunate, we would have a Refusal War, possibly involving the home clans.

After all, if you’re tasked with taking two cities, and your opponent tears the place down and builds a FAKE CITY, you no longer can accomplish your original objective.


Nightsong on 11 May JadeHellbringer on 11 May Our Officer’s Club is better than your Officer’s Club. Minemech on 08 May Charistoph on 08 May I think one thing to note in such a situation is that both sides would be more or less destroyed, with Clan casualties falling more heavily on the Jaguars and Falcons.

I think that means that the Smoke Jaguars forfeit Or something so they don’t win any victories.

What if the Clans won at Tukayyid?

Nightsong Warrant Officer Posts: Utkayyid thing that will play a role is a matter of who won. Comstar has the jumpship assets to move the Comguards wherever they want at will, so there would be no issues, unless they wanted the appearance of issues.

Jellico on 07 May Of the Clans, only the Wolves had bahtletech gained control of both target cities, with the Ghost Bears earning a marginal victory for holding Spanac but failing to take Luk, and the Jade Falcons achieving a draw based on inflicting far greater losses than they took. Sir Chaos Captain Posts: Charistoph Warrant Officer Posts: The Falcons should have a big asterisk next to that ‘tie’.

So I imagine the jaguars scrambling to find the troops for their two galaxies.

Are you a Wolf, a Sheep, or a Hound? Precentor Scorpio on 10 May That’s always rubbed me wrong.


The Sarna account of the results: What if the Jaguars broke their bid and reinforced battlrtech alpha and beta galaxies with the third galaxy that Ulric initially bid with Focht but Showers bid away to win the right to land first. Personally I think the losses from Luthien were too great to be replaced in Hardly the biggest issue with the battle, and likely had the Falcons complained it would have simply stained them further in the eyes of the other Clans, but to me it’s the equivalent of a soccer game in which one team’s net is covered up with plywood- there’s no battletexh to score goals, so there’s no way to ever do better than a tie.

MoneyLovinOgre4Hire on 08 May If the Jaguars who did not withdraw pull a surprise victory Lets say the Comguards decided to pull assets away to deal with other clansthey would have reason to be enraged.

Waterly kinda dug herself into a hole with that one.