Getting Started in Beekeeping, Beekeeping Basics, Honey Bee Stings, Beekeeping Regulation in Tennessee, Locating an Apiary, Bee Biology and Behavior. The 4-H Beekeeping Project helps youth learn about bees and how to be a A master beekeeper who worked with honey bees for more than 50 years often. should review them and start slowly in Advanced Beekeeping. Note to Parents and The 4-H beekeeping project helps youth learn about raising honey bees.

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Beekeeper – The Secure Employee App

This may be a little obtuse. Do you think you might be experiencing Colony Collapse Disorder here in the Valley? Check out these videos over the winter to give you a jump on successful beekeeping in Effective mite control will reduce colony losses and avoid potential spread of infectious disease among colonies.

Thank you for highlighting the Bounty of Bees! Wintering Bees in Cold Climates Keeping bees is an agricultural endeavor, thus, success as a beekeeper depends on understanding the local environment. Monthly Beekeeping Tips File Size: The most thorough and comprehensive beekdepers available.

Extension Publications – Apiculture

Always wanted to do this! Are you thinking about getting started in beekeeping?


Jodi, from the Department of Agriculture made a presentation to beekeepers club in February. It is great for the bees to get some good press.

Commercial beekeeper John Miller has fought to help keep our world’s natural pollinators alive. Gain visibility and knowledge from every department to help each employee reach their full potential and elevate corporate culture. Leading apiarist Dennis vanEngelsdorp looks at the gentle, misunderstood creature’s important place in nature and the mystery behind its alarming disappearance.

What’s Wrong With My Hive? It has been good for us and our company. There needs to be more information for back yard bee keepers. Click on the magazine for the article titled, ‘Meet Treasure Valley’. Your email address will not be published.

The whole company culture at Globus has improved and become more inclusive for all employees. All beekeepers should remain vigilant to detect high Varroa mite levels and be prepared to take timely action in order to reduce mite loads.

What an awesome event.

Connect employees to several systems to gain access to more data. D, to better explain the use of Oxalic Acid. We first present a general view on the functional morphology and on the biology of the Varroa mite with special emphasis on host—parasite interactions during reproduction of the female mite.


This point cannot be overstated: If you wish to donate see UM Giving page.

I look forward to your series on bees! John Miller, Boise August Did cold weather take out your bees in the Fall?


Thank beekepers Jennifer Berry! Every January, you will receive a FREE beekeeping calendar, unavailable from any other industry source. Beekeeper has contributed to a flattening of hierarchies. We have summer house in Saratoga.

Free Bee Keeping Event in NY at Betterbee!

To learn what a beekeeper should be doing each month along with what the honey bees are up to, refer to the Beekeeper’s Monthly tips from Todd Balsiger from the Oregon State Beekeepers Association: And you et an beekeepeds on Twitter? Bee Havers vs Beekeepers Beehaves vs. The Filetpye Bee Health Coalition offers this Guide free of charge and asks that you please reference the Coalition if distributing. My friend finally twisted my arm to come to see your blog.

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