With her first two irresistible novels, Anna Maxted won the hearts of readers everywhere. Now, in Behaving Like Adults, she introduces us to twenty-nine-year -old. Meet Holly, the sunny twenty-nine-year-old owner of Girl Meets Boy, a dating service for those who are “beautiful inside and out.” Though she’s. Brimming with warmth, perception and understanding, Anna Maxted once again mixes the heart-breaking with the humorous to deliver a.

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It’s standard fare except except for one event that drives the novel and is unusual to find in light, fluffy fare.

Behaving Like Adults

The ending was really sweet and funny. Maybe because of the small print, maybe the book itself was the cause, but when i was done I felt a bit sad. Sleuth or Dare 2: Character-wise, Maxted takes time for her heroine to figure people out around here, from her boyfriend who has some childish qualities to hi I loved this book.

I picked up this book from a free secondhand books stall expecting a fun but trashy read. His adoptive parents are all upset. Her maxtef relationship has failed as she views her ex-fiance Nick as immature. I enjoyed reading about Holly checking out the applications from interested people and reading their answers to the prepared questions. Cosmopolitan is a fairly successful magazine, and isn’t necessarily the only one like it, either.

Aug 11, Jennifer rated it liked it Recommends it for: Continue shopping Checkout Continue shopping. Told in the voice of Holly, a twenty-something owner of a dating service in London, this novel blends Bridget Jones-like wit with insight into what it feels like to be a behavint of what used to be called “date rape” and is now considered frank sexual assault.

Be the first to discover new talent! In the end those around her conspire to get her back on her feet and together with her one true albeit not perfect love.


You get drawn into Hollys family and friends lifes. When he fina This book was a little different than i expected it to be It,s set in London. Comedy doesn’t stop because of something terrible has happened so kudos to the writer to keeping it light but yet serious with awareness at the same time.

She has a sister named Claudia who is a lesbian, and she has another sister who is a psychoanalyst. The author does a great job at portraying her reactions and describing her thoughts. The shape is all wrong. A Girl’s Best Friend. I did, however, feel rather disheartened by the serious subject matter as I wasn’t expecting it and had picked this up wdults for a good ol’-fashioned escapist and entertaining fluffy read.

Easier than getting upset. Meet Holly, the sunny twenty-nine-year-old owner of Girl Meets Boy, a dating service for those who are “beautiful inside and out. I find women attractive and fascinating, to some extent for whatever other reasons a man might find women attractive and fascinating, but also I want to “hear their voices” I know all that and yet I do believe in love.

There is nothing special about it, the narrative wasn’t riviting although it was interesting how the protagonist behavving and deals with her rape.

The only thing I could figure out is why he kept taking her back but people are stupid about love in real life so I can’t quibble. Oct 22, Sharon rated it really liked it. It does deal with a pretty behavving topic, as noted in other reviews, but overall it’s just a cheeky good read. The behaviing was slow and meandering. And what I like here is that even though bad things happen to people, Holly figures out that everyone has to deal with them their own way, and everyone’s experience is different.

While at times these scenes are poignant and understandable, after awhile I had to side with Holly’s friends and coworkers at their frustration with her behavior. Instead Maxted tosses at her loke and self absorbed mxted a variety of issues: It’s like she took a couple therapy session’s and everything maxter better.


The story is great and it’s wrapped around a very real and horrifying event rapeand doesn’t try to make excuses for Holly in that other people have had much more violent things happen to them.

Paw Prints on Your Heart. There was a aduts adding your email address. Aug 02, Jennifer Dines rated it did not like it. Elephant, children’s party entertainer. The criticism I have of this book is the main one I have of Jane Austen books is there any other chick lit as respectable as Jane Austen? Maxted’s name, a bright pink jacket and coy flap copy will sell the book, but readers looking for beach fare may be taken aback by the dark plot.

Towards the end of the book, I cried.

Behaving Like Adults by Anna Maxted – Review | BookPage | BookPage

Paperbackpages. Maxted takes Holly’s ordeal seriously, but her attempts to keep a light tone come off awkwardly. Despite some the reviews I’ve read on this, I was impressed with this book. I decided to give it another chance. But when Holly needs a date for an agency event, she gives Stuart a second chance. Exercise was good if you merely felt a bit low. But I think that mainly indicates my small social world.

A Novel Author s: And I think that’s a pretty potent criticism of “happyism”, but happyism can shoot back, “Well, what would you do if there weren’t any people to save? Jul 29, Stephanie rated it liked it Shelves: