Benzoflex™ by Eastman Chemical Company is a high solvating plasticizer known for its exceptional performance in PVC, polyvinyl acetate and. Product name: Benzoflex(TM) Plasticizer. Product No.: EAN , P, P, P, P, P For example, Benzoflex™ LC plasticizer was designed to Benzoflex™ is a high solvating plasticizer known for its exceptional.

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We have not been able to find a price for TXIB for this study.

The higher extractability in water may limit its use for some applications. According to Lanxess,b. T4 and Tf are torsion flex indicators at specific conditions see Vertellus, b. Key characteristics Table 5. The table also indicates the benzoflec of market experience in each application area according to Lanxess ; interpreted from qualitative text by the report authors.

Sample Report for Indian Import Data of Benzoflex

Triacetin is used as a highly effective plasticiser for cellulose-based plastics. For instance ATBC would not take decoration, it had high migration into adjacent materials leading to swelling and splitting, and there was a need for tooling changes. According to Krauskopf and Godwinbenzoates are generally strong solvates due to the high aromaticity, as are lower molecular weight phthalates such as BBP. Most plastisols were formulated with phthalates in mind, so utilizing an alternative chemistry, like benzoates, requires formulation adjustments Genovique, It is a useful component of plastisols formulated to give hard end products since it confers little viscosity at low levels of addition.

There are several other producers world wide. DINA is formed by an adipate hexanoic acid ester bound with two C-9 alkanes, see diagram.

The producer, Vertellus, has indicated significant market experience for toys, medical articles, and certain non-polymer applications substituting for both DEHP, DBP and BBP, indicating both general plasticiser characteristics and coverage of some of the special performance characteristics of DBP and BBP.

As shown, DGD has very similar bfnzoflex to BBP on these parameters, except for a higher extractability in water. In water DINA is soluble only in very small amounts. BBPbenzoates, etc. TXIB cannot work as a primary plasticiser Eastman, DEGD is the esterification product of two benzoate groups with diethylene glycol, see structural formula below.


It provides many improvements over DBP in cellulose nitrate films, including lower volatility, better resistance to yellowing, and better adhesion to metals. As shown, here TXIB has higher hardness lower efficiency than the phthalates, high volatility yet lower than DBP and much higher extractability in water.

It also improves adhesion in acrylic latex caulks Genovique, b. Note that Lanxess has indicated significant market experience for most applications, indicating both general plasticiser characteristics and coverage of 2088 of the special performance characteristics of DBP and BBP. The higher extractability in aqueous solutions and the benzofle volatility may reduce the 288 of ATBC as a plasticiser in PVC, and could perhaps limit its use for certain applications.

It is a good benzofles for vinyl toys. Currently the effective price is only slightly higher than the price of BBP.

Benzoflex Import Data and Price to India –

TXIB is an ester of the branched alkane trimethyl pentanyl with two butyrate groups. For such uses, the larger molecule n-butyryltri-n-hexyl Citrate is recommended by Vertellus. Front page Contents Previous Next Identification and assessment of alternatives to selected phthalates 5 Technical and economical assessment of alternative plasticisers 5. Plastisol viscosities are lower than for DEHP. COMGHA is an efficient, one-to-one replacement for benzoflsx conventional plasticisers, such as phthalates.

Poor weatherability properties for external applications such as roofing and coil coating Eastman, ATBC consists of bensoflex with three ester bonded butyl groups and one acetyl group bonded to the fourth available oxygen atom, see the structure below.

It is, however, too extractable to be useful in some of the applications in the medical area where contact with lipids is important. DINCH was the most frequently found plasticiser in two European studies of large samples of toys and childcare articles. Outstanding gelling capacity with a large number of polymers including PVC and polyurethanes, resulting in lower processing temperatures and shorter processing times.


More blending henzoflex be needed with some of the non-phthalate alternatives to achieve general plasticiser characteristics. It is soluble in the usual organic solvents and is miscible and compatible with all of the monomeric plasticizers commonly used in PVC.

Wilson states, that were it not for the higher prices of ASE, it could easily be used as an alternative to the general purpose phthalate plasticisers in a wide range of applications. In tests, the quality, durability and functional properties achieved have proven equivalent to phthalate-based solutions.

So far, the dominance for many years of DEHP and other ortho-phthalate plasticisers may have naturally limited the motivation to get more full scale experience with other plasticiser types. Equivalent to BBP prices. It has good compatibility with PVC, and it is compatible with all common primary and secondary plasticisers.

The CAS number of the mixture is The significantly higher price currently may, however, likely be an impediment to widespread substitution. Although the novel plasticiser is benzofllex volatile than a high end permanency plasticiser as TOTM, the lower loading level required means overall volatility is reduced.

ATBC is effective in solution coating both paperboard and foil. DINCH is the ideal additive for toys. DINCHcertainly have some experience as indicated by the production volumes of the substances.

High solvating, fast fusing; competing with BBP Wilson,and others. The potential for attaining reduced prices with increased production volume has not been investigated by the research made for this study. Research is therefore ongoing to produce the substances from other, more abundant, biological substrates Buck Jensen,