Biography of Shakuntala Devi General Knowledge Biography of Shakuntala Devi . Shakuntala Devi was born on November 4 in Bangalore into an orthodox Brahmin family. Her father, refusing to follow the family priestly. Shakuntala Devi is a mathematical genius renowned as “human computer “. She was born on 4th November AD, in Bangalore. She is.

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Inshe wrote The World of Homosexualsthe first [11] study of homosexuality in India. There she was asked to calculate the 23rd root of a digit number, which she solved in 50 seconds.

Proud and mercurial Dutch football star who developed a fast-moving and fluid style of play. And when she was eight years old, she demonstrated her talents at Annamalai University. As she gained popularity, Shakuntala Devi acclaimed well as a Mathematician.

This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Shakuntala Devi travelled the world demonstrating her arithmetic talents, including a tour of Europe in and a performance in New York City in Inat Southern Methodist Universityshe gave the 23rd root of a digit number in 50 seconds. For Garcia-Arroyo the beginning of the debate on homosexuality in the twentieth century is made with Shakuntala Devi’s book The World of Homosexuals published in The World of Homosexuals. Gandhi had fooled me the way she had so many people.

I saw all sycophants surrounding her. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Biography of Shakuntala Devi – Winentrance

While growing up in a run-down area of Bangalore, Shakuntala was able to retain large numbers of digits in her memory. She could even state the day of the week of any given date in the last century in a jiffy.

When she was three, Shakuntala began exhibiting precocious skill with numbers, and by the time she was five, could calculate cube roots. Bengaluru, KarnatakaIndia. The Great Mental Calculators: Her father, refusing to follow the family priestly tradition, became a circus performer, excelling in trapeze, tightrope, lion taming and human cannonball acts.


Another factor for the indifference meted out to the book could perhaps be a calculated silence because the cultural situation in India was inhospitable for an open and elaborate discussion on this issue. Notify me of new posts by email.

Shakuntala Devi solved and answered the question in just 28 seconds. Populist Right-wing former Mayor of Toronto whose drunken antics scandalised his fellow citizens. She correctly gave the answer as 18,,,, in 28 seconds.

Remembering Shakuntala Devi, the Human Computer: 10 amazing facts every Indian must know

Click here to cancel reply. Even when she became successful and rich, she ensured to channelize her earnings and wealth in the right direction. Her correct answer was 18,,,, Shakuntala could even outdo some of the fastest available computers of that period. Views Read Edit View history. She was doing card tricks with him when she was only three. Shakuntala Devi has authored a few books. With her brilliant mind, Shakuntala Devi was adept at solving arithmetical problems, including functions of addition, multiplication, division, calculating square and cube roots, along with complex algorithms and Vedic Maths.

Army officer who knocked out two Tiger tanks in Germany.

Biography of “Human Computer”- Shakunthala Devi- Indian Mathematician

od Biography of Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman. Her father realized that the little girl won all the games against him every day and shakuntalla that she was cheating.

Her biiography was a magician who performed on various road shows. Biobraphy displayed her skills to the faculty of the University of Mysore when she was six and went on to demonstrate her ability at the Annamalai University.

Human computer, Devi Shakuntala. Devi wants to “defend the people of Medak from being fooled by Mrs. Sardar Jagat Singh Ind 0. Leslie Mitchel, host in BBC channel, once invited her to perform her skill live on the channel in Shakuntala Devi even wrote books on mathematics for children. More from the web. She also published her works on mathematics, puzzles and even astrology. Shakuntala Devi was invited to various educational institutions in the Southern Methodist University, Dallas she was once asked to find the solution of, the 23rd root of a digit number.


Pictures of Shakuntala Devi Image Credit. As a writer, Shakuntala Devi wrote a number of books, including novels as well as texts about mathematics, puzzles, and astrology.

Amongst her numerous feats, the most outstanding ones that fetched her name in the Guinness Sjakuntala of World Records are:. He closely studied her as she played and realized that she was memorizing all the card numbers and their sequence as the game progressed in the initial rounds and used this knowledge to win the game. She traveled all around the world exhibiting her impeccable talent. By the age of five years Shakuntala Devi became an expert in complex mental arithmetic and was recognised as a child prodigy.

This article is about the writer. She was honored with the Guinness Book of records on 18th June when she solved a multiplication problem of two randomly selected digit numbers.

For the mythological character, see Shakuntala. November 4 She demonstrated her talents to a large assembly of students and professors at the University of Mysore shakuntapa year later.