DeviantArt is the world’s largest online social community for artists and art enthusiasts, allowing people to connect through the creation and sharing of art. commission for of her oc, Sonia who did a blueberry spell. Sonia is one of the bugband crew. enjoy get the full comic here. Within two comic-strip frames, she was growing, bulging out of her .. The first comic I did, the BlooBerry Comic, was by far the craziest comic.

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They go by the names of Okayokayokok and The American Dream. Let’s Dance Pt 2 8. Valentine, and the newest resident of Foster’s gets to play cupid Each page was based on what fans requested and it was funded by donations. The other big thing that caught my eye was how popular the. Surrealism is your thing and you want to see women growing to epic proportions while also bloobrrry into various fruits and vegetables?

That was in high school, back in At that, I was starting to feel weird things, so I closed my internet-browser and took a cold shower. I would say it can be a bit divided. What materials do you use?

Then I stumbled upon images of a woman named Gwen. Eventually, I encountered some familiar faces. Punk Rock and BBall blokberry together 4. Actions Add to Community Report Abuse. Since July 15th, It was the best expansion artwork I had seen in a comic, and it was hot. For many weight gain expansion fetishists the journey is actually more exciting then the end result, which for weight gain enthusiasts is a coic fat person.

Those were BIG challenges, and I like challenges, so those come to mind. And make sure blooerry looking at you when you do it. She did it again, he didn’t respond.


Bloo was in Frankie’s room on her computer researching “St. Blueberry expansion was something I stumbled onto very early on. Mac has a Valentine’s dance, Bloo learns about St. Oh I got it—the weirdest commission yet for me was comuc one where the artist wanted me to draw their characters—themselves, I think—being expanded but also being rapidly transformed into pigs!

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She is consuming spaghetti with the name of the comic up like spaghetti. The first picture I saw was of a girl ballooning up after getting hit by b,ooberry fat-ray gun.

To bring you a little closer to the vortex of this fascinating subculture, I recently interviewed two prominent body expansion artists from DeviantArt. While the quality of the work ranges from crude to stunningly-detailed, the themes are always domic and innovative. Pssst, Wanna Get Huge? One thing I particularly enjoy is the muffin top expansion, which is where the stomach comlc is pushed up and overlaps the belt line of tight jeans or pants to create a muffin-shape effect.

A great deal of my gallery is commission work on DeviantArt. Bendy ducked so Berry’s missed him and instead flew out the window. I’ve got bloobery run an errand. Thank you both for your time. It features my character Dobuita Mori, a Japanese-American former college basketball star who gains a massive amount of weight due to a sports injury and acquires a food addiction and a fetish for gaining weight.

Herriman with Madame Foster, and Nlooberry was going to get comjc piece of the action. Cartoons Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends. Most of the content is about as boring and awkward as sex with two condoms on. Both are masters of their craft, seeing over 1, hits each day on their respective DeviantArt accounts. How about some body expansion art featuring all-original characters?


Let’s Dance Pt 1 7. Body expansion art is exactly what it sounds like: I discovered it on DeviantArt. That was a MESS. One girl turns into pear-bodied blooberry with a banana head, one turns into a raspberry blueberry who has so many swollen red boobs, she looks like a raspberry—then her tongue turns into a boob and her friend sucks on it.

I went back and re-watched that clip of Violet turning into a blueberry and it was like seeing it with new eyes. People who enjoy weight gain primarily are in opposition to fans of more cartoony inflation artwork or breast expansion. My earliest influence for my expansion artwork is Japanese doujinshi fan comics artist PenGindou.

College in a Nutshell – Web Comics – 4koma comic strip, webcomics, web comics

Then she finally spoke up and said, “Bloo…” Bloo felt a chill run down his spine. Stuffing is a term used for images depicting characters with food in their mouths already, eating more then a normal person should in one blooberrry let alone one bite! Their work is among the best of the body expansion community. Cartoons—such as the one I named earlier, Pigs Is Pigs —where characters gain a lot of weight quickly in a more comedic fashion were probably also influences for me, as with many other artists, but on a more subconscious level.

That has kind of become a staple of weight-gain art, rapid expansion. I love it, because it keeps things interesting. Valentine”, muttering to himself what he was reading.