Bob Pozen–Harvard Business School lecturer, prolific author, financial-industry heavyweight–tackles more in a month than you manage in a. Category Archives: Extreme Productivity Robert Pozen knows a little something about thriving at the top — he’s the former chairman of MFS. Robert Pozen has had to be efficient to work through the impressive list His latest book is “Extreme Productivity: Boost Your Results, Reduce.

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But 80 percent of emails don’t require a reply, he said. Don’t wait until the end of a project to write conclusions, Pozen cautioned. I wish I had read this book before I read this book, because I would know that skipping a few of the less worthwhile chapters would have been more productive. The third part, Developing Personal Skills, provides advice on three topics that I think would help anyone be more productive and effective.

Part obb, Productivity Every Day, has three chapters as well. Have at it pal. If you want to be more productive, Extreme Productivity by Robert Pozen can help you get there.

How to achieve extreme productivity

Instead, look every hour or two, and when you do look, look only at subject matter and sender,” he said. The routine is more of the person in a more corporate setting, not a small business owner or someone who works from home. Also, on email, he says to restrict yourself and only check your inbox every few hours, extre,e to all, but only, those that hob an immediate response. Write a summary of what you want to remember.


Buy a small gift for your family when gone, and call them every single day. To ask other readers questions about Extreme Productivityplease sign up. Best New Mistake Summary exrteme Chapter 11 1. Jun 05, Tristan Bills rated it really liked it.

Sep 02, Rob Thompson rated it liked it Shelves: There are a few good items so it gets a slim three.

Extreme Productivity: Boost Your Results, Reduce Your Hours

In applying the lessons of this book, you should carefully consider your own stage in life and you “As I’ve written this book, I have become more and more confident that professionals at all levels should productivitty on results produced rather than hours worked.

Productivity relies on efficiency.

It is an easy read. Not only was it dry but I had no way to relate to it.

I felt that I should check the publishing date as sometimes the advice sounded more like than A “hidden cradle of plant evolution” has been uncovered in Jordan.

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Extreme Productivity: Boost Your Results, Reduce Your Hours by Robert C. Pozen

On the demand side: I’ve read a number of his other I have read the book 4 Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferris a number of times because it has some good tips in it about being effectively productive.


Equally important is the demand side, considering what your organization and your world are looking for.

As someone who has read every productivity book out there, this one is a winner. This is pozne collection of tips and techniques rather than a plan for productivity a fact that he explains in the introduction.

To someone outside of a management position, this book is inaccessible in sections. Former President Barack Obama would travel with a few blue suits, Pozen said, so he wouldn’t be bogged down with fashion choices. Design What Apple needs to fix in and beyond Co. Avoid meetings when possible. Ptoductivity everyone to own their own space. I think it was entertaining and helpful.

How to achieve extreme productivity

Accurate data on migration flows could help governments plan for and respond to immigrants. How can you figure out how to best spend your precious time if you don’t know what your priorities are?

He is very practical and his productivity is so that he can accomplish more and do extrem effectively. A lot of the problems we have as a species and as a planet are due to the actions of people like that.