Bogra Formula. While taking over charge as Prime Minister, Muhammad Ali Bogra declared Constitution making as one of his primary targets. He worked hard. He presented the formula to the “onstituent Assembly on #th $ctober %&'(and it is known as the Bogra formula.)he ma or features of the formula were* •)he. Third Report: Muhammad Ali Bogra Formula () According to 2nd Report: The proposals were revised in the light of the criticism on 2nd.

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The plan proposed for a Bicameral Legislature with equal representation for all the five provinces of the country in the Upper House. The plan proposed for a Bicameral Legislature with equal representation for all the five provinces of the country bogrx the Upper House. History of Pakistan Timeline: Conflict Between India and Pakistan: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

On 7 Augusthe approved the acting appointment of his Interior Minister Iskander Mirza to take charge as Governor-General Malik Ghulam Muhammad who went to United Kingdom his medical treatment on paralysis that he long suffering.

Ambassador to the United States — A total of 50 seats were reserved for bohra Upper House. In a speech, Jinnah declared that Bengali could be an official language for the province of East Pakistan but there could only be one boga state language, which was Urdu.

Retrieved 5 July The differences arose more acutely with the Bengali language movement which began in Retrieved from ” https: In the Constituent Assembly of Pakistan decided that the Bogga and Urdu would be the national languages of Pakistan. Retrieved 1 March This marriage was controversial because it constituted polygamy, which was uncommon among the elites of Pakistan.


Mohammad Ali Bogra — Suhrawardy in the s. There was no such thing as friends forever or enemies forever— only national tormula count. After his education at the Presidency College at the University of Calcuttahe started his political career on Muslim League ‘s platform and joined the Bengal ‘s provincial cabinet of then- Prime Minister H.

East Pakistan | Humshehri

Prime Minister’s Office Islamabad. His appointment met with great admiration in the United States with U. Both the houses were given equal power, and in case of a conflict between the two houses, the issue was to be presented before a joint session. The proposal was discussed in the Constituent Assembly for 13 days and then a committee was set fprmula draft the constitution. The Bogra formula reduced the 9 units of West Pakistan into 4 units.

Bogra Formula

Muslims and the Congress March 4, HistoryPak. Historical Dictionary of Bangladesh. Electoral ollege for the Presidential elections was the boggra houses of the Legislative Assembly and the President was to be elected for a term of 5 years. Bogra joined Ayub administration when he was appointed as Foreign Minister when he succeeded Jurist Manzur Qadir who was appointed to lead a constitutional commission 8 June Home Events Prehistoric — The Year — — — — — — — — — formulla — Present Personalities Prehistoric — The Year — — — — — — — — — — — Present Videos Prehistoric — The Year — — — — — — — — Present Jinnah Glimpses Contributed By People.


In the East Pakistan Assembly adopted a resolution and made Bengali formulla national language of the country along with Urdu.

Retrieved 9 July He presented the formula to the Constituent Assembly on 7th October and it is known as the Bogra formula. Prime Minister of Pakistan — The proponents of the boogra demanded that Bengali should be used in government affairs, as a medium of instruction, in the media, on currency and stamps and that it should maintain its Bengali script rather than adopting the Arabic script. After the independence of Pakistan as a result of Indian partition inhe joined the Foreign ministry as a career diplomat and briefly tenured as Pakistan’s ambassador to BurmaCanada —52and twice served in the United States.

The major features of the formula were:. Muhammad Ali Bogra Pakistan Herald.

There was great enthusiasm amongst the masses as they considered it to be a plan that could bridge the gulf between the two wings of Pakistan and would act as a source of unity for bgora country.