Braunton Burrows is the largest sand dune system in the UK. It hosts an extraordinarily diverse plant community, with over recorded species of vascular. Braunton Burrows, the core area of the Biosphere is a sand dune system which is home to a large number of rare plants and animals. The Burrows are owned. Lying at the entrance to the Taw-Torridge Estuary, Braunton Burrows is one of the most important sand dune systems in Britain and forms the core of a UNESCO.

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Use this tool to build your own journey or choose from an exciting range of specially selected tours. The fact that it is so difficult to navigate makes it ideal for land-based exercises, although the sandy conditions are useful to all disciplines. The spread of myxomatosis resulted in rabbit population decline and consequent encroachment of species rich turf by scrub species such as privet Ligustrum vulgare and heather Calluna vulgaris.

A number of the plants are very small and a hand lens is essential to appreciate them!

Explore Braunton – The Most Biodiverse Parish in England

The military convoy drove through the Burrows and participants paid their respects buerows laying wreaths at the Landing Craft in Zone 3. Register at the bottom of the slipway.

What makes Braunton Burrows unique is its rich burroqs of plant and animal life, with species of flowering plant including 11 species of orchid alone. The Countryside Centrein nearby Braunton, also has displays and information about the Burrows’ habitats.

Marram Grass, in particular, is one of the pioneer species which colonize and stabilize the sand hills piled up by the wind. Site of Special Scientific Interest. One such track is the old ferry way, which extended from the south end of Sandy Lane across the back of the dunes to the White House near Crow Point. Ranges for all weapons were required in order to help the troops practice and construction of such ranges and other aids had to be carried out quickly, as the first units arrived in North Devon on 1 September Special Offers Accommodation Offers.


Archived from the braunnton on To build your own Itinerary, click to add an item to your Itinerary basket.

Braunton Burrows – Saunton Sands, Devon

Its name is derived from the large numbers of rabbit burrows to be found in the area. This involves clearing sections where invasive species including Sea Buckthorn and Japanese Rose are taking over and having a detrimental effect on the native plant life of the sand dune system for which the Burrows is internationally renowned.

The roots and cleared branches, laden with berries containing the seeds that get blown on the wind to rest and germinate into new bushes, will be stacked and burnt before the end of the scrub clearing season.

For dog walkers this means: Some photos from the amazing Pages of the Sea event on Saunton Beach yesterday to mark the th anniversary of the Armistice.

The Burrows is owned by Christie Estates, and although it welcomes the public to use it freely, it requests that users follow some simple guidelines in return. These allow Burrows visitors to get an impression of what unrestricted scrub growth looks like. Photo of gateway to Zone 2 from the weekend. Due to declining rabbit numbers cattle are now used to graze the undergrowth, consolidating clearance work which is necessary to reduce the levels of invasive scrub. This page was last edited on 17 Aprilat While this will not cause any disruption, routes will be signified by signs and markers any of which will be removed after the event.

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From today cattle will be on the move. The trust therefore opposed the introduction of sheep and cattle to the site. The burning of deep rooted species often made the soil more fertile but led to the spread of coarse grasses. Dog walkers be aware! Though the building is mainly a 13th-century structure, there is a carving of a sow and her farrow on one of burrowx churches carved roof bosses.


Braunton Burrows

At first sight this picture taken in Adder Slack, Zone 1 appears to capture a Meadow Brown butterfly landing on a flower. Fact for the day a cow’s pregnancy lasts around 10 months! Every Friday through the summer. The beaches here were ideal for amphibious exercises, despite the fierce Atlantic surf, and the nearby sands were soon found to be identical to Omaha in every respect — including sand quality, beach gradient and tidal range.

For more details of this special accolade please see the North Devon Biosphere Reserve web-site and for details of numerous other land designations in Braunton, please see the information about the project. Dog walkers are asked to respect a few simple guidelines in respect to exercising their animals around livestock, such as keeping dogs on leads in areas where cattle are grazing.

Braunton Burrows played an important role during the Second World War.

Itinerary Planner Welcome to the Itinerary Planner. Proximity Within 10 5 2 0. Sections of this page. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. A great many dogs are exercised on the Burrows each day and, if none of their faeces graunton picked up, this would result in several tonnes being deposited on ecologically sensitive ground. All good bugrows ground had been claimed by the British and so Thompson had no choice but to accept the Atlantic coast near Braunton.

There was also an associated low light ; both were demolished in Woolacombe Beach is one of the finest beaches in the West Country it is easy to see why The area is closed for 10 days per year for military training.

In Lieutenant Colonel Paul Brraunton. Its seeds are spread by birds and animals and once it takes root it will also develop into dense thickets.