BroadVision QuickSilver — one of the most powerful document creation and management tools available — enables businesses to create and publish lengthy. Pros: Wow! I can’t say enough about BroadVision QuickSilver. The ease of communication, universal inbox, dynamic content sharing, and easily managed. Discussion among translators, entitled: Advice on BroadVision QuickSilver. Forum name: Office applications.

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QuickSilver greatly extends the capabilities of traditional Interleaf technology acquired by BroadVision in and is fully compatible with Interleaf 6 and 7.


RDM was an early document management product, acquired in broadgision late s and then integrated with Interleaf’s other products. BroadVision offers customers a range of support services — from installing and configuring BroadVision products to resolving any problems and issues that arise while developing or operating your BroadVision-based site.

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Feel free to contact me. Retrieved from ” https: If you are an existing Quicksilvwr customer and have a current license subscription or maintenance contract with BroadVision, you will be able to open and track a support issue and download patches. Views Read Edit View history.

This product is not yet reviewed. Articles needing additional references from April All articles needing additional references. Trados Studio and Trados Studio both count numbers as words, while Trados does not.

DocQ Smart DocQ-Smart is a powerful mobility enabled business system that provides incomparable value to the enterprise. DTP can be done by me, translation by you. Interleaf released its first product in Quicksilver allows our company to create extensive documents in virtually any language through the use of Unicode authoring and publish those documents to multiple output formats including XML, HTML, PDF and Postscript. Worldview Press prepared documents for online viewing via Worldview.

TPS later renamed to “Interleaf 5,” up through “Interleaf 7” was an integrated, networked text-and-graphics document creation system initially designed for technical publishing departments. Waste less time looking for the information you need because of the single source of truth holding all related information in one place, which also allows for easy knowledge capture and transfer.


DocQ-Smart delivers robust collaboration tools that empower people to connect via a I like that I set a hotkey, and quickly type the name of an app to launch it. Assemble publications from a variety of text, graphic and database sources, including Microsoft Word, AutoCad, Microsoft Excel, and Oracle.

You can use my e-mail that is on my site below. Or create a new account. DocMan View All Categories. As you create the documents in QuickSilver, you need to engage multiple people in the process.

QuickSilver Features | BroadVision

The availability of Quicksilver 3. Multiple TOCs and indices; multi-level and master. TPS as of [update] is called QuickSilver. QuickSilver Overview BroadVision QuickSilver — one of the most powerful document creation and management tools available — enables businesses to create and publish lengthy, complex documents in virtually any language and any format. Later versions were worked on by Brenda White. That is, it internally treated a document as a set of element classes, each with its own set of properties.

The structured nature of the documents also enabled TPS to provide conditional document assemblya feature that enabled users to “tag” document elements with metadata about them, and then automatically assemble versions of the document based upon those tags. InInterleaf moved from Cambridgeto Waltham. Not Likely Extremely Likely.

This issue is rare, though. TPS was also noted for its ability to handle the sorts of long documents corporate technical publishing departments routinely created.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Interleaf 7 Aug 12, Dear Ben Hickmann, I have been quicksulver for some time to get through the internet an original copy of Interleaf 7.

Broadvision – Wikipedia

Would like to be able to copy and paste multiple items to the clipboard to reference like you can in Alfred and similar tools. BroadVision is an international software vendor of self-service web applications for enterprise social softwareelectronic commerceenterprise portalsand customer relationship management.


Enables businesses to create and publish lengthy, complex documents in virtually any language and any format. One of BroadVision’s most famous clients during the dot com bubble was pets. TM-Town is a unique new site for you — the freelance translator — to store, manage and share translation memories TMs and glossaries Interleaf’s “Active Documents” functionality, integrated into its text and graphics editing products in the early s, was the first to give document creators programmatic access via LISP to virtually all of the document’s elements, structures, and software capabilities.

If this caused a change in pagination — increasing the font size could change where the page breaks were — the software would update the screen quickly enough for the author to continue typing, including altering all of the cross-references that the author may have inserted; this WYSIWYG capability was a competitive advantage for the company. The ease of communication, universal inbox, dynamic content sharing, and easily managed contacts and information.

Do you have specific questions that I can help you with?


Boucher served as chief executive officer from until ; George served as chief financial officer. Post Your ideas for ProZ. We can partner quickdilver and provide high-quality service to clients that have their documentation in QuickSilver. Just as JavaScript enables contemporary software developers to add functionality and “intelligence” to Web documents, Interleaf used LISP to enable document authors and engineers to enhance its authoring electronic publishing systems.

Broadvision does it again! The broxdvision version of Adobe Acrobat was released on June 15, Moving the topic Nov 26, to the Office Applications forum.

Multiple TOCs and indices; multi-level and master. Vote Promote or demote ideas.