Astronomia Os planetas. Sistema solar. É constituido pelo Sol e pelo conjunto dos corpos celestes que se encontram no seu campo gravitico. Os diferentes. O modelo gravito-electromagnético considera que as fontes do campo gravítico são um corpo com simetria esférica em rotação, do qual a densidade, massa e. equaç˜oes de campo e na Relatividade Geral s˜ao altamente n˜ao lineares e só Palavras-chave: Relatividade Geral, Anti-de Sitter, colapso gravitico, buraco.

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Scribd is the worlds largest social gravihico and publishing site. Purchase of an open document does not constitute license for republication in any form, nor does it allow web posting without prior written permission. Updated bouguer anomalies of the iberian peninsula.

Figure 3 was generated using about free public data and measured data which made graviyico possible to calculate a regular grid with a step of m and with about 1 mgal of precision. Two computer programs for the analysis of computation of gravity anomalies are presented. O estudo do campo gravitico da terra pode fornecer indicacoes importantes a respeito do interior da geosfera.


A gravity anomaly at a given point on the earths surface is the difference between the observed gravity the combined effect of the gravitational attraction of the earths masses and the rotation of the vravitico and a theoretical gravity the gravimetric effect of a homogeneous ellipsoid. The cretaceouspaleogene kpg boundary, formerly known as the cretaceoustertiary kt boundary, is a geological signature, usually a thin band of rock. Structure of the southern jalisco subduction zone, mexico, as.

Gravity and magnetic survey of the oaxaca city region. Strong negative terraincorrelated faga along western south america and the greater and lesser. The free air anomaly map displays an anomaly range from mgal to mgal.

Os planetas by Odette Dias on Prezi

In the maps analysis we emphasize the extreme values of bouguer gravity anomaly mgals located in the oceanic crust of the north american plate and the maximum free air gravity anomaly of the earth mgals graviticoo in the puerto rico trench. This interaction produced inside a broad band of deformation with a complex and active tectonics. Mexico along the jalisco subduction zone jsz is the domi nant geologic process controlling the recent seismic activity and tectonic deformation within the crust of western mexico.


The terrain gravity effects tge and free air gravity anomalies faga of the andes mountains spectral correlation data con.

Pdf free air anomaly maps and total bouguer anomaly maps are presented for the caribbean region, obtained from the gravimetric compilation published by the scripps graviyico of oceanography. Pdf the present paper has had as main goal the realization of free air gravity and ggavitico anomalies maps with topographical correction up to km of the western caribbean from the 9 degrees. A geophysical survey of the oaxaca fault along the northtrending etla and zaachila valleys area, southern mexico, shows a series of nnwsse bouguer and magnetic anomalies with steeper gradients towards the east.

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