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Dave Stutler Nicolas Cage Balthazar Blake Monica Bellucci Maxim Horvath Robert Capron Drake Stone Alice Krige Young Dave Ali Khan Yoga Student Sean Patrick Reilly Construction Worker 2 James A. Medieval Vendor Indy Rishi Village chieftain archive footage Gregory Woo Sun Lok Jen Kucsak Add content advisory for parents Country: Walt Disney Pictures Plot: A new live action comedy-adventure loosely based on the “Sorcerer’s Apprentice” segment of Disney’s Fantasia.


In modern day Manhatten, the master sorcerer Balthazar Blake Nicholas Cage attempts to protect the city from his arch-nemesis, Maxim Horvath Alfred Molinaan evil wizard carobnjaov nefarious plans. Horvath is determined to claim New York City for his own evil purposes, and enlists an illusionist Tony Kebbell to help him toward that end.

Given the formidable forces working against him, Blake does not feel that he can accomplish this mission alone.

To help in his venture, he seeks out a seemingly average guy, Dave Stutler Jay Baruchelwho is recruited to be Blake’s apprentice. Stutler is initially skeptical, and reluctant to get involved, but eventually is convinced by Blake to help in this cause. Blake gives Stutler a crash course in magic, and mishaps invariably ensue.

There is also a love interest in peril angle to the storyline that provides additional motivation for Stutler. Together, Blake and Stutler seggrt on Horvath in a classic good versus evil struggle. Sorcerer’s Apprentice — Character Trailer.