: Cartwheel: A Novel (Random House Reader’s Circle) ( ): Jennifer duBois: Books. “In Cartwheel, Jennifer duBois takes the lurid skeleton of the Amanda Knox case and fictionalises it with scalpel-like precision DuBois is a brilliant young. There are passages of observation so closely controlled and beautiful in ” Cartwheel,” the second novel by Jennifer duBois, that what she.

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The title refers to the controversial fact that the alleged murderer performed a cartwheel while in custody, an action used as ‘proof’ of her dismissive and unemotional attitude towards her friend’s death. There are passages of observation so closely controlled and beautiful in “Cartwheel,” the second novel by Jennifer duBois, that what she describes seems as if it will stay described for good.

Andrew felt sorry for this man. carhwheel

Cartwheel by Jennifer duBois

Cartwheel is at heart a character study but ultimately lacks in creative elements. The narrative gets under her skin so effectively that you understand her entirely, even though some of her actions are not, ultimately, described or explained. The subject of the story is the Amanda Knox figure, here a student named Lily Hayes, and the narrative switches between Lily, her father Andrew, her former boyfriend Sebastien, and the prosecutor, Eduardo.

I wasn’t constantly comparing the book to the real events which is definitely a plus. Although there’s been discussion that this novel is based on the Amanda Knox story, it is more accurate to say that it is inspired by it, and I think that if you go into it with that approach, you won’t be comparing for authenticity. Instead of Italy, the setting is Buenos Aires. The foundation of her relationship with Katy, her roommate, has undertones of disdain and jealousy, possibly from her Lily’s own lack of self confidence.


Dubois’ point, I think, is that you can never really know anybody, and that even nice ordinary people can be capable of things you would never expect.

A Novel by Jennifer Dubois is her second novel. That’s a difficult thing for a writer to pull off!


Sebastien is a wealthy reclusive young man, who lost his parents in a plane crash. The fact of Lily’s guilt or innocence is not the apogee of this novel at all. Using a cartwheel as the inappropriate behavior was especially irritating, as in the real Amanda Knox story it duboiw incorrectly reported that she did a cartwheel.

Lily and her prosecutor, Eduardo, are philosophical opposites. Aug 11, Jill rated it really liked it Shelves: Yes, Lily Hayes was naive and careless, unable to see the consequences of her actions.

Just a part of youth, I guess, that entitlement and self assurance that only life itself can break. I don’t understand why the author would choose to write a story that was so closely aligned to catwheel events that happened so recently and were so widely publicized.

She has come to Buenos Aires, ostensibly, to further her studies. Oct 28, kari rated it it was ok Shelves: It is, however, a hundred times better than that overrated trash.

Now the family is reunited in a foreign country, watching their daughter become only a shell of the person she once was. As the pages fly, the reader hardly notices that duBois has stretched the genre of the criminal procedural.


And it is not about Amanda Knox- this is clearly stated in the author’s opening disclaimer page. I recognized the jennifdr by which she created this disturbing mess of human weakness and probable injustice.

How or should an innocent person behave? The pacing was good with just a little bit of a lull in the middle where the author revisits certain events from the boyfriend’s perspective. I could see that the book was well written. I obviously don’t agree jehnifer that sentiment, but I do understand that Ms.

Structurally similar to Rashomon, cartwheeel some Dickensian characters at the fringes of this gripping murder story. There were times I didn’t want to finish it, knowing I’d never be able to grasp that “first-time read” feeling with a second perusal. Written with the riveting storytelling and moral seriousness of authors like Emma Donoghue, Adam Johnson, Ann Patchett, and Curtis Sittenfeld, Cartwheel is a suspenseful and haunting novel of an American jennifre exchange student arrested for murder, and a father trying to hold his family together.

I knew nothing about Amanda Knox, carhwheel in this story of an exchange student in Argentina arrested for the murder of her roommate, I missed the emotional impact of Ms duBois’s astounding first novel.

Before Cartwheel even began, there was a disclaimer inserted that stated, “Although the themes of this book were loosely inspired by the story of Amanda Knox, this is entirely a work of fiction