Iniciaron comercialmente en Armenia. El 20 de noviembre de se creó la empresa confecciones Leonisa. Se incorpora en su fuerza de. CASO LEONISA. SOLUCION MERCADO CENTROAMERICANO Asegurarse de que la empresa distribuidora del producto cumpla con la función de vender el. También se explican los orígenes de Leonisa y se hace una descripción de DE LEONISA: UNA EMPRESA COLOMBIANA DE ROPA INTERIOR. COLOMBIA ESTUDIO DE CASOS Innovación presentación editor PYMES.

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Caso Leonisa by Ivan Oviedo on Prezi

To diversify the portfolio in complementary products: In addition, a contribution to the teaching of corporate-level strategy, if a multi-case study were carried casso that would at least allow conceptual generalization of the different strategies and structures adopted by Colombian multi-business companies.

For instance, if a subsidiary sees an opportunity to open a new sales channel, the proposal is presented to the headquarters. This process occurs as a backward vertical integration. By way of illustration, the corporate procurement committee is made up of people from the headquarters and Votre ; from there, leonias are promoted with the aim of improving bargaining power with suppliers.

CEO and a group of seven managers: One of the interviewees comments on this:. Each of them was interviewed for one hour in August and September The specificity of this case motivated this research into the management of Leonisa, a Colombian company in lenoisa textile sector.

These three new forms were the result of studies carried out in one hundred Spanish companies in the period between and In Latin America, this type of company is also recognized as an economic group Leff, ; Ramachandran, Manikandan and Pant, ; Stolovich, and as a business group in Colombia, on account of Law from Supersociedades, Leonias there, national and international orders began to be met and negotiations with freight forwarders began in order to achieve economies of scale in the distribution of products.


What are the purposes of the company in forming a business group? Once the concepts of multi-divisional leonisw and corporate headquarters have been clarified, the following section presents the methodological approach of the research on the Leonisa group.

However, it does not have an autonomous corporate center, i. British Journal of Management17 2 The first purpose arises from concerns related to the political or economic situation in the countries where the group has a presence.

This exploratory work aims to show how Leonisaa Colombian multi-business company in the textile sector, has managed its business. Table 1 shows the countries of affiliation for the universities where the authors of the 15 papers studied work, the universities that stand out for their research on multi-divisional structure and the theoretical approaches from which such research has been carried out.

The corporate, as well as the competitive and operational strategies are managed from the headquarters or head office Leonisawhere strategic decisions are made to promote the growth of the company and leinisa the long-term objectives set.

InLeonisa leomisa its process of internationalization to the Caribbean Islands and Venezuela, through the sale of its flagship product, the reference brassiere. lfonisa

Leonisa. Los visionarios

This is how all companies periodically connect to headquarters through a unified meeting format. In relation to the management of the multi-business company, Eisenhardt and Piezunkathree main leojisa posited by the corporate strategy stand out: In other words, Leonisa does not have an autonomous corporate center, but it does have a multi-divisional structure wherefrom to manage its entire business.


This has been possible through vertical forward and backward integrations. How Corporate Parents add value to the stand alone performance of their businesses. Business Strategy Review5 4 Along the same lines, Leonisa can be said to promote the concept of socialization put forward by Chung et al.

All this leads to the conclusion that, although there are several centralized processes in the Leonisa group, the subsidiaries are free to casoo changes and improvements forward to the headquarters. This, of course, grants greater versatility and efficiency in meeting market demands.

The following testimony accounts for these not-directed-from-the-headquarters collaborations:.

If the corporate center is understood not as a corporate hierarchy that meets in identifiable physical headquarters, but as the set of corporate functions exercised to manage the business as a whole, then the Leonisa group can be said to have a corporate center which forms at specific times, according to the needs of the organization. In other words, the headquarters are staffed by corporate executives who, from a central office, manage the multi-business company Chandler, Regarding the divisional configuration, it specifically refers to the multi-divisional form M-form as the structure that vaso when companies become so large that the simple divisional form becomes insufficient and, therefore, divisions appear above divisions.

For this purpose, the Manager of each one makes an initial proposal that he presents to the Board of Directors and justifies the expenses or investments.

The continuing validity of the strategy-structure nexus: