Clavicula Salomonis Hebracorum Regis translata in latinum idioma ex Claviculae Salomonis, , by Luppius;; Clavis Salomonis et thesaurus etc. CLAVICULA SALOMONIS REGIS. Reworked, Written and inspired from the original manuscript by Michael W. Ford. Illustrated by Elda Isela Ford. The Luciferian. to both the Key of Solomon and the Lesser Key of Solomon, alternatively known respectively in Latin as Clavis Salomonis and Clavicula Salomonis Regis) .

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Conjurations of the Powers by salomoniw of the Almadel. British Library, Additional MS. It, however, gives part of the introduction to 10, Add. I conjure ye by the indivisible name IOD, which marketh and expresseth the simplicity and the unity of the nature divine, which Abel having invoked, he deserved 3 to escape from the hands of Cain his brother. Figure 53, from Sl.

The Key of Solomon is divided into two books. After this he shall see the spirits come from every side. Planetary hours Table 2: There are, however, two works on black magic, the Grimorium Verumand the Clavicola di Salomone ridoltawhich have been attributed to Solomon, and which have been in some cases especially mixed up with rehis present work; but which have nothing really to do therewith; they are full of evil magic, and I cannot caution the practical student too strongly against them.

Prayers and conjurations are in Latin, but frequently exhibit simple mistakes e.

So M and Aub24; Ad. Furthermore, if thou wishest to converse with spirits it should be especially on the day of Mercury and in his hour, and let the Moon be in an airy sign, 13 as well as the Sun. Regix if these things salokonis unto thee difficult to accomplish, it will suffice thee merely to notice the Moon after her combustion, or conjunction with the Sun, especially just when she 12 quits his beams and appeareth visible.

Concerning sacrifices to the spirits, and how they should be made Fragment from Eliphaz Levi Qabalistic invocation of Solomon from Eliphaz Levi PREFACE In presenting this salomoonis magical work to the student of occult science some few prefatory remarks are necessary. Mathers inserts here an excerpt from L”Know, O my son Roboam, that all the divine sigils Figure 27, from Sl. Figure 28, from Sl.


Concerning the Nine Talismans Revealed to Solomon. Prayer and conjurations 6. It is not dependent on Mathers’ edition, and seems to be closely related to Sl. Concerning the Nine Days of Preparation. London, Wellcome Institute MS. And after this the angel ascended into Heaven in a flame of fire.

Figure 17, from K, fol. Of the pen, ink, and colours And if the spirits be disobedient and do not then make their appearance, he must arise and take the exorcised knife of art 21 wherewith he hath constructed the circle, and raise it towards the sky as if he wished to beat or strike the air, and conjure the spirits.

Though containing similar matter to the others, the arrangement is utterly different; being all in one book, and not even divided into chapters.

The sovereign equivalents are the divine names referred thereto. Saphasiel; Sl, K, H Solomon, the son of David, King of Israel, hath said that the beginning of our Key is to fear God, to adore him, to honour him with contrition of heart, to invoke him 1 in all matters which we wish to undertake, and to operate with very great devotion, for thus God will lead us in the right way.


O Lord God Almighty, who has reigned before the beginning of the Ages, and who by thine infinite wisdom, hast created the heavens, the earth, and the sea, and all that in them is, all that is visible, and all that is invisible by a single word; I praise thee, I bless thee, I adore thee, I glorify thee, and I pray thee now at the present time to be merciful unto me, a miserable sinner, for I am the work of thine hands.

Limited to only 12 copies. Clavicula in Italian and Latin: The hours of Mars serve for summoning souls from Hades, 5 especially of those slain in battle. Figure 51, from Sl. I apologize to my faithful readers, but I am omitting part of this conjuration in response to all the people who illegally redistribute my work.


After which thou shalt take a large vessel of earth filled with charcoal, upon the which there regie be put frankincense, mastic, and aloes, all having been previously conjured and exorcised as shall hereafter be told thee. Whensoever thou constructest them, if thou canst complete them in the hour wherein thou didst begin them, it is better.


To the centre of this leather panel is hand gilt in 22 carat the ancient Templar sign of the Triple-Tau surmounted by a royal crown. After this, turning towards the four quarters of the Universe, he shall say the following words: Butler describes Mora as an “alchemist, black magician, said to be a Satanist and poisoner who lived in Milan early in the seventeenth century, and burnt there after having confessed under torture to those crimes The operation of love by her dreams, and how one must practice it omitted by Mathers Mathers reads “and striking upon the dust of the earth both men and beasts were struck with disease.

In 15 cm96 p. To hinder a sportsman from killing any game. The manuscript presented here provides numerous diagrams and occult seals not found anywhere else. Now, in order to succeed in forming such a circle concerning magical art, for the greater assurance and efficacy thou shalt construct it in the following manner: It presents a typical example of Renaissance magic. In the French ‘des Enfers,’ in the Latin ‘Inferis.

The Key of Solomon (Clavicula Salomonis) edited by S. Liddell MacGregor Mathers

Retrieved from ” https: Bibliotheca Rosenthaliana in Amsterdam. Mathers is following Sl, K, and L here, however Aub24 and Ad both read “Sandalum citrinum et rubrum et storacem”; M The Sephiroth are the ten Qabalistical emanations of the Deity.

Figure 32, from Sl. Book of the Seal of Beleth. The phrase “and may the blessing of God