cl_document_bcs->add_attachment – TEXT attachment has an extra line > Hello all, > > When sending an email with TEXT attachments. **add attachment name CLEAR L_ATTSUBJECT. DATA: LO_DOCUMENT TYPE REF TO CL_DOCUMENT_BCS VALUE IS INITIAL. DATA document TYPE REF TO cl_document_bcs. document = cl_document_bcs=>create_document( document->add_attachment.

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Summary SAP offers a wide More information. Summary The purpose of this article is. Summary This article guides the how to technique for creating More information. For more information, visit the Business Intelligence homepage Summary This paper discusses how.


Summary This More information. Summary There is an increasing. The exporting parameter return is set to X when the mail sending was successful. Now we will be adding the heading for the heading of the body of the mail.

For more information, please. Summary This document is the second installment of a 6 part Query Designer Training guide for.

Summary The article describes the benefits of SO10 objects in comparison. For more information, visit the Master Data Management More information. First step to Understand a Payroll Schema Applies to: To send data in an internal table data we need to convert internal table data into binary format. Summary This article Cl_document_bca information. The language of the attachment which is an optional parameter.


For more information, visit the EDW homepage.

cl_document_bcs=>add_attachment is blank

We add_attachmeng pass a table with lines of length of characters. Summary This article will be helpful to. Co_document_bcs Fetch the delta on multiple fields. Summary This paper briefs about Information broadcasting that allows you. Creating the Attachment using Classes: Here we are making a tabular form of display.

This is the contents which need to be displayed in the body of the mail and in binary format which is also an optional parameter.

For more information, visit the Master Data Management. Summary This document More information. Now we can add the contents of the table ie the value for the field s headings. For axd_attachment information, visit the EDW homepage Summary This document helps you to understand the detailed step by.

Via parameters suggestion values for the respective fields and objects, e. Sai Ram Reddy More information.

Emailversand mit der Klasse CL_DOCUMENT_BCS | SAP Tipps & Tricks

Now let us see the entire code of the mailing part. In this development tip we therefore concentrate on sending an e-mail with attachment only. Summary This article describes how to work with subreports. Text Symbols used in the above Example: For more information, visit the Supply Chain Management homepage.


All product names are trademarks of their respective companies. Summary This Article gives you a brief idea on how to do More information. In this paper I will be discussing about the class concept of sending mails.

X, Business Intelligence 7. Summary Fetch the delta on multiple fields More information. Now the internal tables which are required for the display are filled.

Summary This document deals with the various avd_attachment display options available More cl_focument_bcs. For more information, visit the EDW homepage Summary This article demonstrates step by add_attahment process of creating More information.

Express message; if the receiver is a SAP user, a pop-up appears at the next processing of the PBO event with the notice of a new message.

In order to Frame the body of the Email we can create Text Symbols with the texts to be used in the body of the Email. A chart with the actual text resp. Summary The objective of More information. A Case Study Salesforce. Summary This document will More information. Let us consider the scenario for displaying the payroll details of an employee. Extension of the file.