Confessions of a Video Vixen is a memoir written by Karrine Steffans which details the first 25 years of her life. Part tell-all covering her sexual liaisons with. Confessions of a Video Vixen has ratings and reviews. Morgan said: Written with a shoddiness that defies the laws of imagination and gravity. I. Steffans not only offers scandalous details but names names in a book called ” Confessions of a Video Vixen,” scheduled to be in stores next.

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If you like soap operas and you like gossip then this is for you I normally don’t read this type of thing but my mother’s friend’s daughter said it was good so I thought I’d give it a kareine.

Wrong, cruising through a few years of celebrity hookups and, inoverdosing on a cocktail of drugs and finally understanding that the party was over.

Three days later, I suffered an emotional breakdown and was sent to the hospital for psychiatric observation.

More confessions of ‘Video Vixen’ Karrine Steffans – NY Daily News

The guys were awe-struck, hypnotized, some of them seemed to be memorizing, while the girls gaped at Steffans with hostile insecurity, as if they were witnessing a powerful machine that would make them obsolete, and poor Mr.

But somehow we get the idea that we haven’t heard the last of her. She never thinks to really claim her sexuality in a strong way and largely fails to distinguish stefafns in her weaker days from sex today. Even if the two aforementioned figures were self-possessed, at least they have merit. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. What’s wrong I normally don’t read this type of thing but my mother’s friend’s daughter said it was good so I thought I’d give it a shot.

You may have noticed by now that we’re not actually mentioning any of those famous names except for bin Laden’s. Take the story of a bicycle, what matters are the ridahs [sic].


There was one area of the book that really got my attention. No one was exposed as a closet homosexual, and I didn’t find any of her tales to be remotely “kinky” or weird. If read a few of them.

Karine Steffans writes a tell all to warn girls setffans how easy it is to be corrupted and to have self confidence to make something of yourself and tries to discourage them from doing things she did but confeswions gloats about how rewarding some of the experiences were and what they have gotten her and how successful it made her because of it and she makes it seem like it is ok. In a burst of delusion, she pretends that Ja is Tyson Beckford or somebody and actually praises his looks. Glass vases filled with marbles crashed all around us as he began tossing linens from the bed.

The new shots show him wearing a pink miniskirt, a T-shirt with ladies’ breasts and a white kagrine. I have no excuse. I was sad for her most of the time but as I read I realize that she commanded MOST of the problems she had due to bad judgement calls and wanting to satisfy her desires money or sex This page was last edited on 12 Octoberat If Karrine decided that she wanted to write fixen book as a cautionary tale to young women and girls, then she should do it selflessly, fully aware that she would not be placed on a pedestal for this act.

Like the one complaint that has been made that sticks out the most for me is on her grammar. Was she really raped? At the end of the night, the love of my life was gone and so was my son, Naiim ,” taken away by Child Services. Near the end Karrinr thought she might be making things up. Daily News The Front Page.

Besides being a terribly written, eye-rolling disaster of a book, Confessions Of A Video Vixen really could have used an editor. Apr 24, Tia rated it it was ok Shelves: She only describes less-than-satisfactory experiences with Dr.


Confessions of a Video Vixen, by Karrine Steffans

She says this book is a cautionary tale but it comes off more like she’s bragging, which she has no reason to because every man in this book just uses her and dumps her. On the floor I found a balled-up sock, and I placed it to my face and got the fix I was searching for.

Steffans said she was particularly bothered by her inability to see her relationships for exactly what they were: I didn’t read it then because even though I’m an avid hip hop fan, I am not gay, so therefore completely uninterested in the sexual escapades of my favorite rappers.

So it came as conressions surprise, if not a shock, in the urban music world last week when one of its most celebrated groupies and video dancers, Karrine Steffans, released a tell-all book that catalogs in graphic detail the sexual escapades she claims to have had with some of the biggest stars in the industry, one that has furthered a kind of streetwise policy of don’t ask, don’t tell.

Confessions of a Video Vixen

Not to menton she was fixen child during all of this As she slept with these well known men, they are just a guity as she is. By sharing her emotionally charged story, she hopes to shed light on an otherwise romanticized industry.

A photograph by controversial artist Nan Goldin that is part of Elton John ‘s private collection has been seized by British police on suspicion that it violates child porn laws. She was revolted by one “A-list name-above-the-title” Oscar winner who invited her to his Beverly Hills mansion.