The conquest of Mecca refers to the event when Mecca was conquered by Muslims led by Muhammad in December or January AD, (Julian), . Also known as Conquest of Syria – By Il Imam Al Waqidi. 2 volume set. Al-Imam al -Waqidi, the great historian, was born at the beginning of Hijri in al. Conquest of the Sahabah| Futuhush Sham & al-Misr al-Iskandriyyah [# 2F2 HB 2 VOL,Imam Al Waqidi English: S Al-Kindi, ZAM ZAM. Fath Syria Egypt.

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On the eve of the opening, Abu Sufyan adopted Islam.

April Learn how and when to remove this template message. Shaikh, Chronology of Prophetic Events pages 72 and 82 as footnote Muslim losses were two warriors.

Conquest of Sahaba – 2 Volume Box

Website designed by www. Email to a Friend. Arabic classic detailing the Muslim advance into Sham Classical Syria. Muhammad and the Origins of Islam.

This would lead to the dispersion of enemy forces tne prevent their concentration on any one front. He migrated to Iraq in Hijri during the reign of Mamun ar-rashid.

The main column in which Muhammad was present was commanded by Abu Ubaidah ibn al-Jarrah. Muhammad emphasized on refraining from fighting unless Quraysh attacked. Conquest of The Sahaba.

It was tasked to enter Mecca through the main Madina route, from the north-west near Azakhir. W at a time when Muslims were facing complete destruction. Jews, Christians and Muslims prophets Abrahamic prophets.

This article may require cleanup to meet Wikipedia’s quality standards. Ibn Hisham, As-Sirah an-Nabawiyyah2p. Prophets in the Quran Listed by Islamic name and Biblical name. The conversion of these dates to the Julian calendar depends on what assumptions are made about the calendar in use in Mecca at the time. Yet fourteen years later, Yazid bin Abi Sufyan R.


The column entering from the south through Kudai was under the leadership of Muhammad’s cousin Ali. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. This was the largest Muslim force ever assembled as of that time.

Conquests of the Sahaba

Another important reason for this tactic was that even if one or two of the attacking columns faced stiff resistance and became unable to break through, then the attack could continue from other flanks. Campaigns in Armenia and Anatolia. The conquest of Mecca Arabic: They thus lived in peace for some time; but ulterior motives stretching back to the pre-Islamic period, ignited sahzba unabated fire of revenge, triggered fresh hostilities.

Muhammad’s cousin Az Zubayr commanded the second column and it would enter Mecca from the south-west, through a pass west of Kuda hill. thr

Conquest of Mecca – Wikipedia

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Views Jews, Christians and Muslims prophets Abrahamic prophets.

Please help improve this article if you can. Thereupon Muhammad recited the following verse from the Quran: Meanwhile, Abu Sufyan ibn Harb travelled back and forth between Muhammad and Mecca, still trying to reach a settlement in order to avoid conquest. Listed by Islamic name and Biblical name. Their tactic was to advance simultaneously from all sides targeting a single central objective.

The author, Al-Imam al-Waqidi, the great historian, was born at the beginning of Hijri in al Madinah, where he teh his studies. The Muslim forces had gathered in strength to settle account with Quraysh and for the final attack and the opening of Mecca. Ten people were ordered to be killed: Abu Sufyan ibn Harb. Part of the Muslim — Quraysh Wars.


There Yahya al Barmaki welcomed him due to his great learning and he was included as one of Mamun’s elite. Of the two singing girls who were outlawed by Mohammad, one was slain but the other spared because she converted to Islam.

In turn, Muhammad declared Abu Sufyan’s house a sanctuary because he was the present chief, and that all the others were gathered over his territory, therefore:.

This page was last edited on 28 Decemberat For further secrecy, Muhammad sent Abu Qatadah towards “Batan Izm” to give the impression that he wanted to go there. After Abu Sufyan ibn Harb ‘s departure, Muhammad immediately assembled a large army. Prophets in thd Quran. Pressed by their enemies, the tribesmen of Khuza’ah sought the Holy Sanctuary, but here too, their lives were not spared, and, contrary to all accepted traditions, Nawfal, the chief of Banu Bakr, chased sahbaa in the sanctified area — where no blood should be shed — and massacred his adversaries.

This would also prevent any of the Quraysh from escaping. Retrieved from ” https: Then, along with his companions Muhammad visited the Kaaba. This article needs additional citations for verification.