SwiftView Pro can convert single files through the GUI, and SwiftConvert can batch convert multiple files through the command line interface. SwiftView Standard. The view into whose coordinate system point is to be converted. If view is nil, this method instead converts to window base coordinates. Otherwise, both view. March 28, SwiftView Inc. today unveiled SwiftConvert(TM), a new product that converts documents and drawings from PCL, HPGL.

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View and Print PCL, HPGL and TIFF documents with SwiftView.

Licensed copies of the SwiftView Viewer and SwiftConvert can then search, select, analyzeand extract the text. Click to load comments.

Easily convert single files Users just print to the SwiftPublish printer or drop a file in a hot folder to manually capture and convert any Windows document. It not only enables you to view and export your PCL files to a large variety of formats, but it can also slightly speed up the printing process.

Can SwiftView convert files? – SwiftView

Of course, to be able to print or view PCL files on your computer, you need to install a specialized software solution, for example, SwiftView Pro. Color output option Note: Documents converted to TIFF remain sswiftview.


Sure, the app could use some more features, for example, a function for combining and splitting PCL documents. Capture Use SwiftPublish to automatically or manually manage your print, document delivery, content management and archiving workflows. New in SwiftView Pro 9.

Read the full changelog. SwiftPublish processes the output document according to your custom SwiftPublish configuration. Features Customization Capture Searchable Text Automate your conversion workflows A simple command-line utility allows you to batch-convert files under control of your application, according to settings you supply on the command line.

Browser-based Swiftview will not request or download a file prior to or during the license check. Some applications display text that is actually part of an image. SwiftSend documents no longer acknowledge an RLM server license.

Jul 20th, Trial. Swidtview all things into consideration, SwiftView Pro is a competent software solution that works just as it should. The element that stands out the most is the utility’s toolbar that enables you open, expand, widen, rotate and print your PCL documents with just a few mouse clicks. SwiftView Pro is a straightforward and unpretentious piece of software that makes it as simple as possible for you to load, view and print PCL files.


Subsequent to its installation, you are met by a simplified main window that provides you with quick access to the app’s features. SwiftView Pro was reviewed by Vladimir Ciobica. Load and print PCL documents within a streamlined user interface with the help of this straightforward and easy to use application.

Can SwiftView convert files?

Furthermore, the tool enables you to to view, print or export your PCL files at DPI for the best possible image quality. SwiftPublish is only compatible with bit operating systems. SwiftPublish captures exactly the text that can be searched or selected when viewing the original document. In addition, it would have been nice if SwiftView Pro would come with support for reading multiple PCL files or if it would allow you to add dynamic barcodes on them.