Documents Similar To Monster Manual – Creatures of Rokugan by Azamor. Oriental Planescape – D&D 2nd – Monstrous Compendium – Appendix 1. Documents Similar To Oriental Adventures – Creatures of Rokugan. Oriental d20 – Redhurst Academy of Magic – Student Handbook (OCR). Uploaded by. Creatures of Rokugan – Shape-shifting tricksters. Creates of Rokugan is organised like the official d20 monster books and use the same.

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This is primarily concerned with two elements: Needless to say, I was rather pleased that AEG crwatures maintaining a high level of quality and imagination in their follow-on books to Rokugan.

Home Recent Additions Welcome Wiki. A monster sourcebook for Oriental Adventures.

Level equivalents are provided for playing many of these creatures like ashalan and naga. Each type has different attributes and capabilities. They exhibit some vestiges of honorable behavior, but are nonetheless very dangerous. In fact, I was somewhat surprised that more creatues didn’t have an oriental feel s20 them other than the name, and wouldn’t look out of place in the least in a more “occidental” campaign. Add a copy to your collection.

The ghost appears as a swarm of eyes, and it is an extremely nasty little creature. Creatures of Rokugan is a great resource for Legend of the Five Rings fans or Dungeons and Dragons players looking for something d2 and unexpected. Oni and elemental Terrors. Finally, Creatures of Rokugan has a list of creatures by CR.

Creatures of Rokugan | L5r: Legend of the Five Rings Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Also contains advanced rules for playing Naga, Nezumi Ratlingskenku, goblins, and other strange races as player characters, as well as new feats and prestige classes for monstrous characters.


Their blades bypass armor and inflict negative energy damage. Kf player needs only the Player’s Handbook crsatures Oriental Adventures. If the book failed on that front, frankly, it failed completely to be useful to me.

There is one greater terror and one lesser terror for each of the five L5R elements.

Reviews of recently released products. The ashalan are possible PC material. Fans of Asian fantasy will crestures this book, which contains dozens of creatures familiar to players of the Legend of the Five Rings collectible card game and role-playing game, updated to the Oriental Adventures rules.

Oh, and then they waste another 2 pages on the OGL stuff In Creatures of Rokuganincorporeal creatures can be affected normally by jade and creature weapons, and creatures classified as a spirits are more difficult to affect with enchantment effects except by other spirits.

One thing I appreciated a lot about these creatures is that many of them strongly suggest or even demand a solution other than combat. The creeatures cover has a similar appearance to the Rokugan book, with a beige ricepaper look with symbols of the various L5R clans in the backdrop with a simulated blue binding with a cord along the spine.

Creatures of Rokugan

Asgard Issue 5 – Mar Join Date Sep Location brink of total screaming madness Posts 6, Enumerating all of these creatures would be beyond the scope of this review, but it may be worth my while to touch on a few: They’re ready for you.


Goryo are not considered incorporeal to their killer. And seeing how short shrifted and cluttered some of the creatures in the main part are being presentedthat is inexcusable! A First Look Creatures of Rokugan is a perfect-bound softcover book. rokugann

Creatures of Rokugan

Given this, there is a great variety of creatures, but rokuhan are a few strong themes. They must be exorcized, their killer destroyed or brought to justice, or be convinced that their quest for vengeance ro,ugan misguided. Ubume cannot be killed in combat; to deal with them, one must seek to resolve the reason for its mourning.

It has been your support, financial and otherwise, that has allowed this site to become what it is today. Following the creature listings are a series of templates, for ghosts Goryos – pretty nice and useful, much could hgave been done by providing similar templates for more ghost typesa naga-aberration of very limited use No Web Links Found.

Creatures of Rokugan runs about 22 cents per page, which is a bit high for a book of this size, and similar to the smaller WotC classbooks.

But while it is obvious that they put a lot of effort into the Rokugan D20 book, one wonders if they can keep it up.

Also, the appendix introduces a few new items such as the aforementioned jade and crystal weapons and further defines their effects.