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Status: Alert Withdrawn. Norwegian title: Oil and Gas Pipeline Systems and Commentary on CSA Standard Z, Oil and Gas Pipeline Systems. English title. CSA Special Publication Z Commentary on CSA Standard Z, Oil and Gas Pipeline Systems Published in June by Canadian Standards. Hyperlinks from the Z Standard to the corresponding clauses in the Z and. Special Publication. Z Commentary on CSA Standard.

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Class 3 locations were areas with 46 or more dwelling units intended for human occupancy.

Please note that extra delivery cost and delivery time may apply for products ordered as hardcopy, as the products must zz662 be shipped from 30 suppliers overseas. Ina new requirement was added and the meaning of a previous requirement was clarified. The following are commonly used practices for preventing flashback: This critical proximity distance became 90 m in with the change to SI units and was eliminated equivalent to being changed to m in with the publication of the first edition of the Standard.

Standards Council of Canada

In Item ethe intended range of wall thicknesses is to be specified. Prior todesign operating stress criteria were used for both pipe and components in the determination of whether or not proven notch toughness properties were required; however, it was not clear how the design operating stress of a component was to be determined.

This allows the designer more choices; prior toregardless of tank size, atmospheric aboveground storage tanks were required to be designed to APIand low-pressure kPa maximum aboveground storage tanks were required to be designed to API It is not a mandatory requirement that a representative butt weld test joint be made and cea tested in addition to the fillet or branch weld test joint; however, it is understood that there must be reasonable proof that the welding procedure will result in a weldment with a tensile strength at least as high as the base materials.

The table was expanded in to cover outside diameters up to mm inclusive, including nonstandard pipe outside diameters. Class location assessment areas in csz locations of 1.

It was determined that the failure stress in the presence of an axial flaw could be accurately predicted using the following equation: The joint factor J will result in the restriction of the design pressure if continuous welded pipe is used, as defined in Clause 4. A qualified welding procedure specification may need to be supported by more than one successful qualification test in order to qualify it for use over the entire range of values specified.


The definitions in Clause 3 are general definitions for terms that have the same meanings regardless of their location in the Standard. Prior tofabricated assemblies specifically included items such as separators, mainline valve assemblies, cross sca, and river crossing headers.

The resistance to fracture initiation is ccsa function of the notch toughness of the material. Some practices that are practicable and reasonable during design and construction may not be practical for an existing pipeline.

The pressure limitation for gas systems is derived from ASME piping codes. As defined in X662 3, production welding is the cwa of welds that are covered by the Standard and are to be part of a pipeline system.

It 033 very important that the context of the reference being made is known because it is usually the case that only limited parts of the referenced publications are intended to apply.

Brittle fractures could thus propagate indefinitely because the crack tip during a pipeline rupture would continue to be under the stress associated with the pre-rupture pipeline pressure. Temperature measurement is typically accomplished using either temperature-indicating crayons or thermocouple-type contact thermometers.

The edition was cza in and again csx This enables Class 1 location pipelines to be upgraded for service in Class cxa locations without replacement with heavier wall pipe.

The clause headings and numbers used in this Commentary correspond to those in the Standard; however, it should be noted that comments have not been provided for all the clauses of the Standard. As such, the pipe could be marked with the API monogram. Prior tothese requirements were located in the design clause because there are aspects of the requirements that are pertinent to design; however, they were moved to their present location in recognition that the requirements are more pertinent to installation.

The 50 mm clearance requirement for drainage tile recognizes that the tile is relatively weak and therefore less likely to cause damage to the pipeline. If the system 033 unbalanced, induced s662 may result.


The list also reflects the editions available during the development and production of CSA Z; more recent editions may have been published since its publication date in June Category II materials require adherence to the requirements of Clause 5. For these reasons, the practice of using delta symbols in the Standard has been discontinued in the edition. Accordingly, a number of requirements in CSA Z These safe work practices should address the potential for malfunction of the safety devices e.

Half-circumference test joints are not permitted for qualification of welders for branch connection or fillet welds, or for qualification of welding procedures xsa any size or configuration. Monitoring Standards monitoring is a free service designed for you who wish to be alerted of changes to or new editions of the standards required in your work.

The value of 18 J absorbed energy represents a value that is readily attainable in practice for pipe seam welds and for which there is a history of satisfactory performance in service. The intent of the clause is to avoid excessive misalignment of abutting ends and to advise that, where offset is present, every attempt shall be made to distribute the offset evenly around the circumference.

These additional requirements only apply to materials having a specified minimum yield strength xsa than MPa 56 psi because it z62 recognized that the carbon equivalent value may not be readily known for materials having a specified minimum yield strength of MPa or less.

CAN/CSA-Z | Standards Council of Canada – Conseil canadien des normes

The analyses resulted in the adoption of two toughness levels 18 J minimum and 27 J minimum. This clause is intended to provide a simple requirement for use in the assessment of any pipe damage that may have occurred after shipment from the pipe mill, rather than to override the pipe manufacturing tolerances.

The design factor F is the primary z626 that restricts the design pressure. The gasket width for small male s662 female and tongue-and-groove facing types is required to be equal to the width of the male face or tongue, whichever is applicable.