The eLearning materials for CSWIP , one of TWI’s most popular courses, have been in great demand ever since the TWI Virtual Academy was launched at the. The CSWIP – Welding Inspector Level 2 certification is recognised confirm the quality of the starting material; recognise the effect of deviations from the. Dear Bro’ Kindly you to upload SCWIP materials Thanks.

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The weldability of a material may be affected by: What constituent is needed in a coating of an electrode to prevent the formation of porosity in welding of a rimming steel?

If Submerged arc welding is to be used to make butt welds, which would you be most critical of? You can see the list of courses on the calendar attached.

CSWIP Welding Inspector 3.1

Tensile strength can be increased in steel by: Pre-heating prior to welding: A 12 pass weld made on the same joint using 4mm electrodes on the same material will: What does the 70 represent on a E AWS classified electrode? We deliver around technical courses in over 30 countries across the world. The welding arc could be characterized as: The HAZ of fusion weld: Generally the most suitable method of detecting lack of side wall fusion ccswip be: What action must the welding inspector request if a lamination is found extending into the bevel face?


Health, Safety and Environment Read more.

CSWIP Welding Inspector –

The course is divided into 5 working days and the sixth day is reserved for the examination. In accordance with BS what is the recommended cswlp time allowed for the pre heat temperature to equalize?

The correct terminology in the preceding question 7 is: What term applies if a carbon steel weldment is heated up to a temperature which creates austenitic grain growth and then is allowed to cool in air? Which of the following is an alternative name for a crater crack?

The weld metal deposit of MMA electrodes, achieves its mechanical strength through: Click here to sign up. Which materrial the following is the odd out? Which of the following discontinuities could be as a primary processing discontinuity often found in cast material? Which would you choose for safe working?


In gas welding, leftward welding is described in BS as: Which of the following are essential factors for lamellar tearing? Which of the following processes joints metals plastically: Which of the following defects is unlikely to be found by visual inspection? What are the requirements to access the course?


Which of the following best describes a semi automatic welding process? Re-crystallization during annealing is used to make steel: A magnifying glass may be used during visual inspection by typical magnification would be: A center line crack in a fillet weld: Cracks in welds may be due to: Passion for continuous career development Read more.

Which of the following is not related to weld? Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.

A welding process using equipment with a flat characteristic: When considering the heat treatment process of tempering: The main reason for using a back purge when welding stainless steel with the TIG welding process is to: In X-ray the quality of radiographic negative is assessed by the: