Introduction to Dashcode User Guide 7. Who Should Read This Document? 7. Organization of This Document 7. See Also 8. Chapter 1. Creating a Widget with . Will help any new user get better at dashcode. One of the final tips and tricks I would like to share with you is the Apple Dashcode guide. I will use the same terminology as used in the Dashcode User Guide (the help documentation included in the Dashcode module – search on any help topic.

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For in-depth information on how to create web applications that work well on iPhone and iPod touch, see Safari Web Content Guide. You can obtain adshcode login name for free by following the instructions found on the Bug Reporting page. Read Dashboard Programming Topics for information on the technologies available to you when creating a Dashboard widget.

For more info see my about page. To file bugs or enhancement requests, go to: You do need two images but the gradual swap between the two images looks a lot better. The best method I have found for doing dashcoee is using WidgetShows technique.

Introduction to Dashcode User Guide

Dashcode also includes handy coding and guife tools that help you manage and test the code you write. One of the final tips and tricks I would like to share with you is the Apple Dashcode guide.

The first image will fade out and the second image will fade in. It is a good idea for a developer to take a look at how other people have achieve a certain functions. Adding Usrr Code and Creating Bindings details the source code editing tools included with Dashcode.


You can also file enhancement requests to describe features you would like to see in future revisions of a product or document. I have learnt lots of little tricks and tips that I want to share with you.

Developing a widget for the Dashboard can range from dazhcode very simple to the very hard. If you have people using your widget you may want people to get the latest version of your widget so they have the latest version. It can be any name you dasgcode.

One of the best resources of finding out code and certain elements is to use the library built into Dashcode. Fancy a chat, you can contact me easily. Starting a Project discusses the different starting points when working with Dashcode. If you want to add extra functionality to your widget you can add in preferences. This piece of HTML is very useful to link with the preference value cashcode mentioned previously.

The quick method uses the following code. Or the more complex method which uses more code but looks a lot better. You must have a valid login name and password to file bugs. Change the x and y values to the size you want to change. As well as this on Firefox the text is cut off a bit so you may have to look at the ddashcode to fully see the explanations. As well as this it is not animated. Dashcoode can then attach this to any function you want. There is two pieces of code you can run.

Dashcode User Guide

Interested in an advertising partnership, dashocde a cool product you want to promote, then please leave a message. Registration is required, but free. But theses tips are designed to help a new user make their widget that bit more unique. Plenty of things to improve and new posts coming soon.


Dual-Product Web Application Tutorial shows you how to create a project that produces both a mobile Safari web application and a Safari web application. I would love the hear any tip or trick you have. You can put these anywhere you want.

Dashcode Tips And Tricks | Mac Tricks And Tips

You can change elements properties easily using a couple of Javascript commands. Not really a tip or a trick. Advanced Topics for Widgets talks about localizing a widget using Dashcode and including a widget plug-in. This document may not represent best practices for current development.

It contains lots of snippets of code. A really good post about localization is over at Clear Wired. Widgets are small webpages, which run in their own little space. For example I found the preference and the animation code from this library.

Subscribe To The Newsletter Enter your email address to receive the latest tips and tricks from this site to your inbox. The key is the name of the preference value you want to save. The very quick method, cheap and simple. But if you do get good at widget development you probably know more than me any way. I am going to localize my widget so I can please as many people as possible.