The definitive account of the life of Andrew Carnegie Celebrated historian David Nasaw, whom The New York Times Book Review has called “a meticulous. David Nasaw has written a fascinating new biography of a man who “Andrew Carnegie” is fully up to that standard, a marvelous window onto. Born of modest origins in Scotland in , Andrew Carnegie is best known as the founder of Carnegie Steel. His rags to riches story has never been told as.

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Andrew Carnegie

Statements from fellow board members, business associates? Frick assuming head of Carnegie Steel and other Carnegie businesses, the narrative moves overwhelmingly to written exchanges between the two.

Why did Andrew Carnegie give away all of his money? It didn’t detract too much from the overall reading experience, but when one seeks out to have a clear timeline, one is forced to read some things over again.

The Best Books of Would the great people of one century be great if they were born in another? Men died in his mills.

He applied for and received a messenger nasaaw at a busy office. But then philanthropy is a form of conspicuous consumption, the potlatch winner. To view it, click here. Okay, I finished, though I freely admit I skimmed many sections to get to the ones I was interested in.

Never at a loss for words, he delighted in answering reporters’ questions and relentlessly appeared as a speaker before groups in the U. Here, he began an association at a young age with Thomas Scott and J. Here is the author’s take on that. David Nasaw has produced the most thorough, accurate and naasaw biography of Carnegie to date. That should tell you something about the readability of this book.



So many block quotes. Too bad he didn’t andres the Nobel for it. Sixty Years Old He married quite late in life after 50but appears to have had a happy marriage; he also became a father later in life and appears to have done well in that role. I’m also remember that, no matter one’s background, a being finds success by simply being We see what he does, how he acts and what he says, year by year. He often said he was lucky.

Carnegie passionately took up several causes during his l Very long, very interesting, sometimes highly entertaining, davdi occasionally a bit tedious. Pittsburgh had set him up to sell bonds and nssaw partnerships in the iron and steel industries based on insider trading not yet designated a crime or even considered immoral. While my lasting impression of the history channel series was that it deserved very low marks, they also used Donald Trump as one of their modern day talking heads, that alone disqualifies the andeew as any serious review of history David Nasaw’s book was pre while watching a history channel series on industrial titans of the 19th and early 20th century, it occurred to me that I owned a copy of this bio of Andrew Carnegie as they interviewed the author, David Nasaw as one of their talking heads.

If you want to see the results of the town with the mills gone or operating very lightly, read the article in May’s Rolling Stone “The mayor of hell”. I hope they will not detract anyone from reading this book. Rags to riches stories, Carnegie’s life being a perfect example, are not to be laughed at. Nasaw explains how Carnegie made his early fortune and what prompted him to give it all away, how he was drawn into the campaign first against American involvement in the Spanish-American War and then for international peace, and how he used his friendships with presidents and prime ministers to try to pull the world back from the brink of disaster.


He quickly moved to a position as a messenger with a telegraph company and then, in a stroke of fortune, become a telegraph operator in a company.

Even this author acknowledges that their successes in life were mutually dependent.

Andrew Carnegie by David Nasaw | : Books

A well written, well researched book spanning Andrew Carnegie’s entire life. Open Preview See a Problem? That is a good book! Nqsaw Man’ instead of ‘Andrew Carnegie: However I can’t help feeling that once you’ve accrued a certain amount of wealth that giving it away becomes a more interesting past time than accumulating more it particularly when giving it away involves asserting your naswa over other people and institutions, here I will point out that the cover features a very small man wearing a very tall hat.

But a mystery remains in the heart of Andrew Carnegie’s heart. But he was hard working and always carrnegie for the cheapest way to produce steel. Born of modest origins in Scotland inAndrew Carnegie is best known as the founder of Carnegie Steel.

He was who he was. But he was no dour Scotsman — he was very talkative on a great range of subjects and was forever optimistic.

Their first and only child Margaret was born in