Claude Debussy composed very little music for the theatre. Although he conceived a substantial number of theatrical projects with the. It’s rare that I omit Debussy’s Syrinx from my classical flute recitals. The piece is so definitional for all flute-players, and helps to define the. Debussy’s “Syrinx”, a quintessentially French work, was composed in Originally it was intended as incidental music to Psyche, a play which his friend, poet.

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This is true even which is ignored in most interpretations of this when harmony is only implied, or non-existent, as piece today. Incidental music ; Theatrical Works ; Pieces ; For flute ; Scores featuring the flute ; For 1 player ; For recorder arr ; Scores featuring the recorder ; For tuba arr ; Scores featuring the tuba ; For cello arr ; Scores featuring the cello ; For guitar arr ; Scores featuring the guitar.

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Syrinx (Debussy, Claude) – IMSLP/Petrucci Music Library: Free Public Domain Sheet Music

Debussy and the Theatre. Although he conceived a substantial number of theatrical projects with the playwright, novelist, poet and translator Gabriel Mourey, they somehow never fully materialized. Transformation is at the core of his nature. Herewith narrated excerpt with Philippe Bernold https: It makes it considerably more difficult to play, but more consistent with measure He did not want the formal aspects of tonal center.


This was the pre- was a quiet revolution.

debuzsy In a short However, a manuscript has turned up in Brussels in the private collection of Madame Hollanders de Ouderaen. That is, there is not time for repetitions, and exaggerated artificialness will coarsen the expression since the line or melodic pattern cannot rely on any interruption of color.

No screams of rage against tion of tonality was the order of the day, and that heaven, no loud swearing, but the idea of death is tonal ambiguity is a characteristic trait of all of still very much present, in subtle hints.

However, that manuscript is no longer available! Uploaded on Mar 12, Seen from ment we play today.

I keep getting an error message something about Measure 29, Staff 1 incomplete which causes muse score to crash when I try to edit it. Wikipedia lists it under “Theatre and librettos”, but makes no mention of it being unfinished, whereas Wikipedia’s article on Syrinx lists the play as unfinished.

This is also as a chord.

Debussy’s Syrinx | Laura Rónai –

For other uses, see Syrinx disambiguation. There are no spe- We know that Debussy was perfectly familiar with cial effects: Anyone could learn the notes and rhythms, but the skill lies in expressing the erotic density, the passion and the ache of loneliness which Pan is experiencing. Listen to the narrated version on the complete Debussy Flute music disc by Philippe Bernold; brilliant with other Debussy Flute based works like the narrated Chansons de Bilitis for Narrator; 2 Flutes; 2Harps and Celeste.


Views Read Edit View history. Perhaps controversial theories were spreading through also the tradition linking the flute to mythological Europe and carried heavy references to Greek and pastoral subjects is another reason.

Retrieved from ” https: Classical Music for Dummies. Debussy Music See more Debussy Music.

Debussy – Syrinx

He chose to work within a vailing fashion of the time, to take the listener to frame, but this frame was never a straight-jacket exotic, distant lands.

The music matches the mood tive lyricism and ethereal fluidity to the flute. Solo music by Claude Debussy. It is ironic, sensual ceptions of what was possible on a particular instru- and ambiguous; the story is basic: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Because the flute has no reed, Debussy…soon included a variety of regions, some of all of the woodwinds it is has the most direct issuing from his own experience, others from intu- tone-production. Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.

There is no doubt that they are perfectly There was good reason for choosing a solo instru- translated into musical language, and with such ment over any instrumental combination.